Firestone Walker Earns Top Honors at European Beer Star Competition

Firestone Walker Logo

Paso Robles, CA—Brewmaster Matt “Merlin” Brynildson and his team of brewing magicians at Firestone Walker Brewing Company have done it again, racking up top honors for the third consecutive year at the prestigious European Beer Star Competition.

Indeed, Brynildson was on hand in Germany to accept the competition’s award for “Consumers’ Favourite in Gold” for Firestone Walker’s Stickee Monkee, a barrel-aged “Central Coast Quad.” Read More…


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Cascade Brewing promotes Kevin Martin to lead blender

Kevin Martin of Cascade Brewing
Brewery known for its NW style sour ales hires on a number of new employees, expands location

PORTLAND, Ore.Nov. 20, 2014 – Cascade Brewing announced today the promotion of Kevin Martin to lead blender. Martin, who has been with Cascade since early 2012 and has served as cellarmaster for the past two years, will now oversee putting all sour blends together, including stewarding the live barrels in the brewery’s popular Tap It Tuesday program.

“Kevin has been a huge asset to the blending program at Cascade since taking the reigns,” explained Ron Gansberg, brewmaster and blendmaster for the company. “We are excited to promote him to this position and allow him the freedom to further express his creativity.”

As lead blender, Martin will work closely with Gansberg to develop components of each blend, overseeing ratios and percentages and providing creative input. He will also steward the blends for Tap It Tuesday, a weekly event at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House that features exclusive one-off limited blends from the cellar, with the contribution of Cascade personnel.

Martin got his start in the wine industry in 2007, working multiple harvests in a number of wineries. A homebrewer, he chose to segue into beer and attended the American Brewers Guild Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program from 2011 to 2012. Originally from Lancaster, Penn., he came to Portland for its vibrant beer and wine culture, securing a brief internship with Laurelwood Brewing Co. before settling in at Cascade.

Cascade has added a number of other recent new hires as well, including Read More…


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Oregon Brewers Win at 12th Annual Festival of Wood & Barrel Aged Beer

FoBAB 2014

With the colder weather that has recently hit us, there’s nothing better than to hunker down with a big, bold barrel-aged beer to warm you up. And this past weekend we braved the even colder weather of Chicago to take in the 12th Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers (FoBAB).

Our good friend, Pete Crowley now of Haymarket Pub & Brewery, founded FoBAB back in 2003 at downtown Chicago’s Rock Bottom location. Since this time FoBAB has evolved to larger locations, then adding two sessions and with this year’s event adding another day for a total of 3 sessions. Read More…


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Stone Enjoy By 12.26.14 IPA to Ship to Oregon

Stone Brewing Enjoy By 12 26 14 Oregon

In just a few days Stone Brewing will be bottling and shipping their latest batch of Enjoy By 12.26.14 IPA. And this batch will put all of the hopheads here in Oregon in a festive mood.

Stone’s Enjoy By 12.26.14 IPA will be hitting store shelves as early as later this week, just in time for the 2014 Holiday Season. Available in 22oz bottles and kegs, the shelf life for this double IPA is a mere 35 days. Sitting at 9.4% ABV, Enjoy By is a favorite of many here in the hop prolific Pacific Northwest. Read More…


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Sierra Nevada Wild Hop IPA Features Neomexicanus Hop

Sierra Nevada Wild Hop IPA

Chico, CA—November 17, 2014—For the finale of its five-bottle 2014 Harvest series, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is showcasing the wild Neomexicanus hop for the first time on a national stage. Originally found during a backcountry quest in the foothills of Taos, New Mexico, the bizarre cones of the Neomexicanus hop produce multiple heads—aptly nicknamed Medusa—and Harvest Wild Hop IPA boasts their vibrant melon, apricot and citrus aromas. The 24-ounce bottles ship to distributors starting this week and will be available through January 2015. Read More…


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Pike Brewing Releases 2014 Auld Acquaintance Holiday Ale in Honor of Jack Joyce

Pike Brewing Auld Acquaintance Hoppy Holiday Ale

Seattle, Washington, November 17, 2014The Pike Brewery, celebrating 25 years, announces the release of Pike Auld Acquaintance Holiday Ale 2014.  Founded in 1989, the brewery introduced their annual holiday offering in 1990 and has brewed it for ‘auld’ and new friends alike, ever since. It was an early entry into the ‘Winter Seasonal’ craft beer category. Read More…


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A Visit to Portland’s Yard House

Yardhouse Portland

By Cat Stelzer

On behalf of Brewpublic, I was able to experience Yard House for the first time this week for a media dinner and beer pairing. Part of the reason I’ve never been, is due to the fact that I’m a typical Portlander, more interested in quirky local spaces to that of a national chain. Yard House Portland opened back in May 2014, their 54th restaurant of 56 nationwide, located downtown at Pioneer Place. Read More…


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Ground Breaker Gastropub Serving Burgers and Beers on Tuesdays Starting November 18, Special Wednesday Supper for Thanksgiving Week

Ground Breaker Gluten Free Ales

Press Release- Following the success of our Wednesday Suppers, Ground Breaker Gastropub is excited to announce our next weekly event: Burger and Beer Tuesdays. Starting November 18, the gastropub will be open every Tuesday from 4-9 PM serving only burgers and beers at a discounted price. For $10 we will offer our grass-fed beef burger or a vegan spent ’grain’ burger with your choice of toppings and a side of kale chips or winter vegetable slaw. Additionally, glasses and pints of our beer will be $1 off.

Gluten-Free Buttermilk Fried Chicken On Wednesday, November 26 (the day before Thanksgiving), Ground Breaker Gastropub’s special Wednesday Supper will feature gluten-free Buttermilk Fried Chicken. The price will be $10 for three pieces of white meat and $8 for two pieces of dark meat. The sides will be collard greens, black eyed peas with shredded pork, coleslaw, pumpkin soup, and pecan pie for dessert. Please contact us ahead to make a reservation. We expect to be at capacity. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our current events. The Wednesday Supper menus are posted weekly.

About Ground Breaker Brewing Ground Breaker Brewing is a dedicated gluten-free craft brewery and gastropub founded in 2011. Ground Breaker Brewing’s facility is entirely gluten-free; no gluten is allowed on the premises. The gastropub is located at 2030 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR. Ground Breaker’s beers are distributed in OR, WA, ID, and BC and AB in Canada.


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Boulevard Brewery Breaks Ground on Major Expansion

Boulevard Brewery Cellar 5 Expansion

Press Release:

November 12, 2014 – Kansas City – In an effort to stay a step ahead of rising demand resulting from higher sales and several recent additions to its U.S. distribution territory, Boulevard Brewing Company today announced that it will soon break ground on a $12 million expansion of its Kansas City brewery. The project, dubbed “Cellar Five,” will consist of a 3,600 square foot single-story fermentation structure supporting six 1,000 barrel fermenters, alongside an 8,400 square foot, two-story utility and process building. When complete, it will increase the brewery’s fermentation capacity by 40% to well over 300,000 barrels. Read More…


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Interview with 10 Barrel Brewing Founders and Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO of Craft Brands (Part 2)

10 Barrel Brewing's Chris Cox (left) and Jeremy Cox

10 Barrel Brewing Co.Here we follow up where we left off last in part one of this two part interview series with 10 Barrel Brewing Company co-founders ChrisCox, Jeremy Cox, and Garrett Wales as well as Goose Island Beer and Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) craft CEO Andy Goeler. For those who missed the news that broke via a short YouTube clip by the 10 Barrel guys around 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on November 5, 2014, the response has come with a mixed bag of response ranging from empathy to sheer anger and calls for boycott. 10 Barrel, when the deal is finalized, will become AB InBev’s third craft brewery acquisition following recent purchases of Goose Island of Chicago and Blue Point Brewing of Long Island, NY.

To get yourself fully up to speed on our interview series with 10 Barrel and AB InBev’s staff, click here and check out our initial in-depth interview with these folks.

As promised, in this second of two parts, we turned the questions over to the folks who follow Brewpublic and those with craft beer interests on social media via Facebook and Twitter (Follow @BREWPUBLIC!).

Here’s a look at some of the opinions and questions that were presented during our exclusive sit-down.

I just saw a comment on another thread along the lines of “AB InBev Will probably start brewing 10 barrel beers with rice or corn syrup”  I’d like to hear a response to that!

Garrett Wales: It’s business as usual. Business as usual. Jimmy (Seifrit, brewmaster at 10 Barrel Brewing) is still using the same malt that we’ve been using for the past eight years, same malt purveyors, same malt contracts, same hop contracts, same brewers brewing the beer. I mean, we’re not changing anything. It’s the same brewmasters writing the recipes. It’s staying the same.

So no worker bees coming in and taking over?

GW: I’m sure Shawn (Kelso) would probably really appreciate that though (all laugh).

Andy Goeler: Angelo, a good response for you to write down: it’s crazy for us (AB InBev) to buy something like this and to come in and to change or mess up. It just makes no sense. We have NO PLAN at all to do anything like that at all. It defeats the whole purpose of why we bought it.

We’re still at a very early stage in this craft beer bubble, so isn’t it fair to say that it’s hard to say exactly what is going to happen?

GW:  A company like Anheuser-Busch can come in and buy land here wherever they want and probably build our brewery in about 60 days, maybe faster. They can build a brewery, bring in their ingredients, not their ingredients, buy cheaper ingredients and worker bees and start brewing beer…easily. But the investment is being made into 10 Barrel, into the team that we have in place, the culture that we have in place and the products that we’re putting out.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.

But it could be argued that you can’t build that passion from the ground up. You’d have to buy it after it has been built.  Read More…


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