Chizu Opens In Downtown Portland

Chizu Cheese Plate and Orval

After his humble beginnings as Steve’s Cheese for the better part of half a decade tucked away into the back corner of the now defunct Square Deal Wine, Steve Jones ventured out on his own in 2010 opening Cheese Bar. After operating Cheese Bar in Southeast Portland for half a decade Jones has now stepped out to expand his empire and move it back closer to his roots on Portland’s Westside. Last week Jones opened Chizu in Portland’s bustling downtown just underneath Multnomah Whiskey Library. Chizu Logo

Chizu is the Japanese word for cheese and what Jones’ vision for Chizu is bringing the sushi experience to cheese for us Portlanders. And if anyone is up for this task its Jones whom in 2011 was crowned the World Champion Cheesemonger at the 2nd Annual Cheesemonger Invitational. What Jones describes as his “little sister to Cheese Bar” offers up a way to experience the wonders of cheese in a setting more reminiscent of what a sushi bar offers.

Chizu from SW AlderUpon entering Chizu the first thing you notice is the L-shaped bar that takes up most of the space of this cozy spot. And cozy this place is as there is seating for only 16. There are 8 tall bar chairs along with 2 shorter ones that offset the sole table for six that is nicely situated in front of the large window that looks out onto bustling SW Alder Street.

On our visit we took a seat at the bar and first things first perused the drink list while listening to some Police on the stereo. Unlike the taps Jones rotates at Cheese Bar, Chizu will only offer a broad selection from the bottle. During our visit the other day Chizu offered a choice of 11 bottled beers, ranging from Kirin Ichiban Lager to Orval Trappist Ale to Laurelwood Workhorse IPA to North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. Read More…


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American Craft Beer Exports Near $100 Million

Export Development Program Growth
Boulder, CO • March 24, 2015—The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers—today reported export growth data for the American craft beer industry in 2014. Supported by the BA’s Export Development Program (EDP), craft beer export volume increased by 35.7 percent in 2014, representing 383,422 barrels and an estimated $99.7 million.

In 2014, the fastest growing markets were Brazil, South Korea, Thailand and the United Kingdom. The strongest growth was found in Brazil, which was up 63.9 percent; Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan), up 38.1 percent; Western Europe, up 36.6 percent; Canada, up 32.3 percent; and Japan, up 31.7 percent.

The top five markets for American craft beer remained nearly the same in 2014, with South Korea surpassing Japan for fifth place. In terms of market share, Canada accounted for 53 percent of exports, Sweden for 12 percent, the United Kingdom for 10.7 percent, Australia for 5.1 percent, and Korea for 3.4 percent.

“Small and independent brewers are spreading the culture and community of craft beer around the globe,” said Bob Pease, chief executive officer, Brewers Association. “Beer drinkers internationally are embracing the innovation and flavors offered by American craft brewers. The Brewers Association is pleased to assist our members with increasing their access to markets abroad.” Read More…


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Portland’s Gateway Brewing Releases Its First Beers

Gateway Brewing

Portland has the largest amount of breweries in the world and this number miraculously continues to grow. There are denser parts of the city with higher quantities of breweries but there are many areas and neighborhoods that are void of any locally produced beers. The farther east you go in Portland this lack of breweries becomes much more apparent. Venture east past I-205, this area is barren. The closest brewery to the Gateway area is Montavilla Brew Works that has yet to open its doors.

This is all about to change as Gateway Brewing is now up and running and has just delivered its first kegs to Bottles. Though the full vision from founders, Joel and Karen Sheley and Dave and Tracy Meyer, is not completely fully realized, the beer itself is now available and for sale.

Currently brewing out of a 1/2 BBL system in the garage of the Sheley household, Joel is now full time at the nanobrewery after leaving his position as a bike courier but with larger aspirations of operating a larger brewpub in the future. Joel has an extensive background in brewing but stepped away from it professionally over the past few years to work as a bike courier while planning his future brewing enterprise. As Joel states, “A dream that has now come to reality”.

Prior to launching Gateway Brewing, Joel has completed the advanced course at the American Brewers Guild, then worked for 1-1/2 years at Nor’Wester Brewing, which was followed by over 15 years at Widmer Brothers Brewing. His wife Karen also worked at Widmer for 6 years. The two of them have been around craft beer long enough to have the knowledge to make this venture work. Read More…


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21st Amendment Brewery New Down To Earth Session IPA


With winter now behind us comes a new session IPA from 21st Amendment Brewery with its new Down To Earth Session IPA. This new low ABV beer will join the brewery’s year round line up of beers in both 12oz cans and on draft.

Down To Earth is replacing 21st Amendment’s popular Bitter American but continues the story of HAM, the space chimp that was the focal point of its Bitter American cans. We hate to see Bitter American go but the new Down To Earth also comes in at the exact same ABV of 4.4% making this a truly sessionable beer.

The main difference between the two beers is in its hop bill. The new Down To Earth uses Cascade, Mosaic and Warrior while Bitter American used Cascade, Warrior, Simcoe and Centennial. Both beers are 42 IBUs.21st Amendment Down To Earth

From our tasting of Down To Earth we found this beer to be similar to many of the other session IPAs that are entering the marketplace. Creating a hop forward beer with lower alcohol is a challenge and in doing so these beers offer less body but in doing so also allows one to drink a few more of these. It’s an excellent choice for the upcoming summer cookouts or one to have with your lunch but will keep you functioning into the evening hours.

“Down to Earth is the natural evolution (pun intended) of our favorite chimp. It’s the second act of Ham’s story. He’s back home and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation,” explains Nico Freccia. “A tribute to unplanned adventures and unsung heroes, this is the ideal beer to enjoy after a long work day or when you have a full afternoon of play ahead.” In case you missed what HAM’s been up to… here’s a look at his pre-departure training and adventures in space. Read More…


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Reuben’s Brews Hires Dean Mochizuki From Pike Brewing

Reuben's Brews Logo

SEATTLE, Wash. (March 20, 2015) Reuben’s Brews is thrilled to welcome its new Head Experimental Brewer! On April 1, Dean Mochizuki, currently Head Brewer at Seattle’s venerable Pike Brewing Company, will take the reins of the new barrel house and small-batch brewery, which will be located at the brewery’s current Ballard space.

“We’re very excited to have someone with Dean’s experience and skill join our team,” says Adam Robbings, co-founder and head brewer of Reuben’s Brews. “I’ve had a long list of beers I’ve wanted to brew, but just haven’t had the time or space to brew them. With the new brewery opening up in the next couple of months, we finally will. I can’t wait to turn Dean loose and see what he comes up with!”

In his new role, Mochizuki will manage the small-batch brewery and barrel house, help design new recipes, expand the barrel program, drive the new sour program, and help expand and build upon the brewery’s current award-winning lineup of beers.

Mochizuki joined Pike Brewing more than 12 years ago and became Head Brewer in 2011.

“I truly enjoyed my years at Pike and am grateful to Charles and Rose Ann Finkel for all they’ve done for me,” says Mochizuki. “Joining the Reuben’s Brews team is a fantastic opportunity. It’s been exciting to watch them grow over the last two-and-a-half years. They consistently produce the highest quality beer in a variety of styles. I’m really looking forward to helping them push the boundaries and create new and exciting beers.” Read More…


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pFriem Family Brewers to Release Bottles in Early April

Hood River, OR - pFriem Family Brewers announces the first-ever release of pFriem beer in bottles and associated bottle premiere events. The bottle release begins locally in Hood River, OR on Friday, April 3, 2015 at pFriem Family Brewers with Portland and Seattle premieres to follow.

pFriem is set to launch 23 bottled beers throughout 2015 including: annual, seasonal, limited and barrel-aged varieties. The Classic Series will be offered in a capped 500ml German-style bottle while the Select Line and Barrel-Aged beers are being packaged in a corked and hooded 375ml bottle. The Barrel-Aged beers will include the long-anticipated Flanders Red and Blonde. pFriem_IPA

“This is a significant moment for pFriem Family Brewers,” explains Brewmaster & Co-Founder Josh Pfriem. “Not only does releasing bottles make it easier for folks to take home our hop forward beers and lagers, but it allows us to take our Belgian-inspired and barrel-aged beers to the next level. These beers are bottle conditioned, a process where we add yeast and sugar to the beer before bottling to create a beautiful secondary fermentation. This fermentation process creates a high level of carbonation, a wonderful maturation, and an exceptionally complex beer. We are eager and excited to share these beers with you!”

On April 3, 2015, pFriem Family Brewers will offer bottles for purchase through their Hood River tasting room starting at 11:30 am. The pFriem bottles will hit Portland’s shelves the following week with a release party at Belmont Station on Wednesday, April 8th. A month later, pFriem will introduce bottles to Washington State. Bellingham’s Elizabeth Station will host a release on Tuesday, May 5th while Seattle’s premiere will be at Chuck’s Hop Shop on Wednesday, May 6th, just in time for Seattle Beer Week. Read More…


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Foggy Noggin Brewing Turns 5

Foggy Noggin Brewing

Northeast of Seattle in Bothell, Washington is home to Foggy Noggin Brewing and on Saturday, March 21st, the brewery turns 5 years old. Founded by former Oregonian, Jim Jamison, Foggy Noggin opened its tasting room doors on March 20, 2010 to be Bothell’s first and only brewery.

For the past five years, Jamison has been brewing his beers on a very small scale on his 1/2 BBL brew system. Due to this small size he has brewed over 1,000 batches over the past half decade. You can read more about Foggy Noggin from Dan Culver’s trip to the brewery back in 2012. Foggy Noggin Brewing Round Logo

On Saturday from Noon to 5:00pm, Foggy Noggin will be hosting its 5th Anniversary Celebration. Some of the highlights will include:

  • Release of Foggy Noggin 2015 Anniversary Ale in 22 ounce bottles and on tap
  • Anniversary Cake
  • 10 taps pouring traditional English Ales
  • While kegs last – pints of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Anniversary Ale
  • While kegs last – pints of Fn5 (Imperial 2015 Anniversary Ale) Dry Hopped, Oak Aged, Lagavulin Oak Aged and Warre’s Port Oak Aged
  • Free Fn5 stickers for everyone who comes to celebrate
  • Drawings for cool Fn stuff all day long
  • Fn cool time

Read More…


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Lompoc Brewing Teams Up with Hollywood Theatre for Spy-themed IPA Night

Lompoc You Only Live Twice

PORTLAND, Ore. – Brew Masterpiece Theatre at The Hollywood Theatre is an ongoing series where brewmasters craft beers inspired by films they love. Lompoc is pleased to announce its 4th annual participation in this series, this time promoting Lompoc head brewer Bryan Keilty’s Spy Series of IPAs. On March 27, Lompoc will feature three of its spy-themed IPAs on tap at the theatre, paired with the 1967 James Bond classic You Only Live Twice. Happy hour starts at 6pm, the movie starts at 7pm. The following Lompoc Spy-PAs will be on tap:

The Spy Who Dry Hopped Me: This beer was dry hopped in the fermentor and the bright tank with Amarillo hops to create a beautifully fragrant IPA that tantalizes the nose. A wonderful grapefruit and grassy aroma with an alluring golden color that beams out of the glass. utilizes Mosaic hops to create a well balanced flavor of earthy pine and tropical orange zest that goes well with the caramel malt base. Don’t drink this beer before you go on your next mission. The enemy will smell you coming. 5.6% ABV

Dr. Hop: A collaboration with Richard Batchelor, head winemaker at Maryhill Winery, this sessionable, well hopped IPA has a mild malty sweetness that plays nicely with the hop profile. Lompoc employed Horizon and Cascades up front with a large addition of Hopsteiner Experimental 05256 at the end of the boil. 5.4% ABV

From Lompoc with Love: This light-bodied but full-flavored session IPA was brewed with Centennial, Crystal, Ultra, Cascade and Sterling hops and carries a well-balanced variety of bitter, citrus and floral notes, complemented by a subtle malt sweetness. 5.3% ABV Read More…


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New Belgium Brewing and Half Acre Collaborate to Produce Oatmeal IPA

New Belgium & Half Acre Oatmeal IPA
Ft. Collins, Colo., March 16, 2015 – New Belgium Brewing and Chicago’s Half Acre Beer Company join forces to create Oatmeal IPA, a fruity, tropical hop-bomb with a creamier sip than the average IPA. The beer is available on draft, while supplies last, through New Belgium’s Hop Kitchen Series.

Oatmeal IPA first came to life about four years ago, when New Belgium’s brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert, visited Half Acre where he met with owners Gabriel Magliaro and Matt Gallagher. That’s when they planted the seeds for a collaboration beer.

In late 2013, the first beer in this two-part collaboration was released as Avoine IPA, an oat-spiked IPA brewed at New Belgium and released throughout Chicago (Avoine means “oats” in French). In February of this year, the Half Acre team traveled to Fort Collins, Colo., to brew the second installment: Oatmeal IPA.

This 2015 release is honey-hued with a velvety mouthfeel that offers brilliant pine, grass and guava courtesy of Citra and Centennial dry-hopping. Oatmeal IPA is ultra-tropical and appears softer than the traditional IPA, but be warned – lurking beneath the smooth oats and toasted malts, are vibrant hops with a bitter bite. Read More…


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Hopworks Urban Brewery Achieves B Corporation Certification

Hopworks Urban Brewery HUB

Portland, OR - Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB), Portland’s producer of world-class, sustainably-made beer, today announced its certification as a B Corporation. This prestigious designation is awarded to companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. By becoming certified, Hopworks formally and legally agrees to consider their impact not only financially but also on their workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment, collectively referred to as the triple bottom line.

B Lab, the organization certifying B Corporations, seeks to build a community of Certified B Corporations that meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Any company can apply. There are over 1,000 Certified B Corporations from more than 60 industries in 34 countries.

The certification makes Hopworks the first B Corporation brewery in the Pacific Northwest and the seventh in the world. Hopworks is the 47th certified B Corporation in the state of Oregon.

“It is an incredible honor to become a certified B Corporation and to sit amongst the companies that we have admired for so long. Hopworks has always believed in the direct relationship between business and environmental health and it is great to have a framework to study our progress” says Hopworks brewmaster and founder Christian Ettinger. “B Lab’s application process provided an incredibly eye-opening and dynamic analysis of our efforts to date. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve in eight short years and look forward to tackling the more challenging points in the months to come. This process has really improved our focus and excited our team.”   Read More…


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