Beer Bloggers Conference Kicks off In Beervana

Fred Eckhardt (left) and John Foyston at 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon

Julia Herz of the Brewers Association addresses the audience at the 2011 Beer Bloggers ConferenceHere we are at the Beer Bloggers Conference. Just heard Julia Herz from the Brewers Association speak to the crowd about the growth of craft beer as well as some shared goals for the future. Now as I sit here, local beer icons Fred Eckhardt and John Foyston take front and center as the conference’s keynote speakers.

Foyston is interviewing Fred about the early days when he discovered homebrewing and write his first book about it back in 1969, ten years before its re-legalization.

Fred calls the current revolution as the third great beer revolution. These sited revolutions include:

1. The first time the hops was first added to beer.

2. In Gemany and Czech Republic, when beer was first able to be served in a glass, not cloudy.

3. Everyone on the planet was making lager beer. “Now we’ve gone back to ales because we’ve tired of the good stuff.” The

Top Fred quotes:

“Olympia: If it’s the water why don’t we do something about it.”

“Consider putting beer in leather mugs. The British did that. With glass you could see the beer, the foam on it. It was really quite interesting.”

“German brewing school said that beer should be approached on a wide scale… You should listen to it. If the beer is nice, it will have a nice smooth click. If it’s infected, it will just have noise.”

“If you talk to your beer while you’re brewing it, you should listen to it when you’re drinking it.”

“Something that’s missing in the craft beer industry is that we don’t have enough 5% beers. If you have to quit after the first beer, what good is it?”

“It was an accidental Belgian – you wouldn’t want to blame Blegium for that”

“There I was, minding my own business” -Fred

“Not bloody likely” -Foyston

“I’m a nice person despite the company I keep.”

“They did one a con job on the state legislature to advertise their beer.  That marketing job took more than just marketing. It took a big club.” -Fred on the early beers of Oregon circa 1985

“If you get a complement from a six year old, you’ve really earned it.”

“I don’t know if I was ever on a flight when everyone was sober.” -Fred on being a radio operator in two wars.

The Koran says you’re not suppose to drink before you pray, but those guys pray five times a day. That makes it hard to drink.”  -Fred on religion

“Once you start working they expect you to go on doing that the rest of your life.”

John Foyston (left) and Fred Eckhardt at the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference

“I digressed myself.” -Fred

“He digressed right out of the box” -Foyston

“My mother got me a diploma because she worked in a print shop.”

“I’m having too much fun for education.”

“The crazy people of this world are the best to spend time with.”

“Who wants to behave themselves all the time?”

“That’s a dumb question.” -Fred when asked what his favorite beer is.

“Charlie’s done more to make this industry than I ever will because I’m too lazy to work.”

“Keep on doing it.” -Fred’s advice to people aspiring to write about beer.


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  1. Beer Soaked August 19, 2011 4:23 pm

    Thanks for posting this. I just recently started beer blogging and wasn’t able to make it up to BBC11 this year. Yours is the first blog post I’ve had a chance to read on the event. I think all the other beer bloggers up there are probably pub crawling. Cheers!

  2. john foyston August 23, 2011 9:02 am

    Thanks, Angelo! Fred and I had a great time at the conference, and I think it’s important to share Fred with the rest of the world…thanks for helping do that, bro…

  3. john foyston August 23, 2011 9:23 am

    FYI: I just posted a story I wrote in ’06 called The Tao of Fred, which is a series of Fred quotes on life and beer…

  4. Amber Jansen August 24, 2011 9:14 am

    LOVE IT! The quotes are fantastic…what a really great conference!

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