Ninkasi Expansion Project To Break Ground in Eugene

Ninkasi Brewing Co.

More exciting news from the folks at Ninkasi Brewing Company in Eugene, OR – another expansion for the six year old brewhouse looks to get underway in just a few days. This, the fourth expansion since 2006 when the company opened, will push the brewhouse to record breaking heights with a 78,000 square foot warehouse and cold storage facility, 28,000 square feet for offices and a new pilot system for experimentation and education. Ninkasi anticipates completing this expansion by 2014 with an anticipated capacity output of about 295,000 barrels/year.

Here’s more information from Ninkasi:

Ninkasi Brewing Company and the City of Eugene’s Mayor Piercy will commemorate the launch of the brewery’s fourth expansion since the company formed in 2006.

The multi-structure expansion plan describes a combined 78,000 square foot warehouse and cold storage local distribution facility, 28,000 square foot offices that will include a pilot brewing system for education and experimentation, both to be located at 135 Blair Boulevard in Eugene Oregon, and an expanded 26,000 square foot production brewing facility adjacently located at 220 Blair Boulevard.

When the project is completed in late 2014, Ninkasi anticipates a total production output of 295,000 barrels yearly (up from its current 95,000 barrel capacity) providing improved ability to meet increasing customer demand, the necessity for additional hiring, and the ability to accelerate the company’s mission of sponsorship of community organizations, the arts, and non-profit foundations in the Northwest.

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