Preston Weesner: Holiday Ale Fest Beer Sommelier

Preston Weesner is a name that is synonymous with craft beer events in Portland. When he’s not serving as the general manager at Cascade Brewing’s Barrel House, Weesner is plotting his next huge beer festival. The man has his fingers in seemingly every beer fest in the area, from the Oregon Brewers Fest to the Portland International Beerfest. Currently, Mr. Weesner is neck-deep in his biggest Holiday Ale Fest to date. Providing beer geeks from around the world with some of the most interesting and mind-blowing one-offs and seasonals of all time, 2010’s Holiday Ale Fest promises to live up to, even exceed, any and all hype.

Join Preston and friends at the 2010 Holiday Ale Fest happening at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown through December 5th.