Bailey’s The Upper Lip’s first tasting event – Ale Industries

Ale Industries

Bailey’s Taproom has a new event space, The Upper Lip (720 SW Ankeny St). Their first event is Tuesday, June 4, 2013. Occupancy is limited and tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

Ale Industries is coming to town with beers from their Barrels and Uniquities department. Brewmaster and co-owner, Morgan Cox, will be hanging out an eager to talk about his beers.

$12 gets you a flight of the following beers:

Ale Industries Pink DrankPink Dranka sour blonde ale aged “hella days” in oak barrels at our brewery in Concord. We used Brettanomyces Lambicus for the primary ferment with Lactobacillus, and finished it with Cascadian raspberries.a sour blond fermented and aged in oak w/raspberries. (13 months in oak)

Agent Neda 16 month old Flanders red. This Flanders Red was fermented in a Climbing Monkey Wines barrel, using the lees that were left after bottling. We are really happy with the dry-red wine finish. When fermentation was complete we dosed the barrel with our blend of wild yeast and bacteria that we created in the Grand Cru.

A.I. Evolution, Generation 6100% clean barrel ferment, where we continually brew a new complementary beer which is blended into the previous batch.

Rye’d Pipera hoppy red is rich and flavorful beer with a touch of rye malt that compliments the roasty/chocolate flavors. 5.8%

Bottles of Pink Drank, Rye’d Piper, and Golden State of Mind will be available for to go purchases.

Two Sessions available for purchase: Read More…


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Pliny The Elder vs. Heady Topper

On May 9, 2013 I scored a bottle of Russian River Pliny The Elder IIPA at my local liquor store in Berkeley, CA. It was the freshest bottle of Pliny I’ve ever had the pleasure of opening. You see, the beer was bottled on the same date that I purchased it. In fact, the Russian River Brewing Co. driver arrived just as I was about to leave Pliny-less. Score!

Russian River Fresh Pliny The Elder
For safe measure, I thought it’d be best to sample a comparable East Coast Imperial India Pale Ale to Pliny. No better offering seemed to fit other than The Alchemist‘s Heady Topper Ale. A bold 8% ABV double Read More…


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Weekend In Review: 17th Annual Boonville Beer Fest

Boonville Beer Fest (Instagram photo by @linemodifier)

One of the most anticipated craft beer events on the West Coast is undoubtedly the annual Boonville Beer Fest. This past weekend marked the 17th annual return of this event centered around the pioneering brewery that is Anderson Valley Brewing.

Located within the serene rolling hills and oak groves in the secluded town of Boonville, about 25 miles west beyond a winding mountainous pass from Ukiah in Mendocino County, Anderson Valley’s yearly pilgrimage witnesses a great deal of brewers, brewery representatives, industry folks and beer enthusiasts from all points north, south and east. With a large contingency of the turnout representing California, the festival showcased both popular and obscure, regional and journeyed companies for this unparalleled undertaking. Read More…


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Glass Reunion: Class of ’88 Collaborative Barleywine from Rogue, Deschutes, and North Coast

The Class of ’88 brewers at Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. From left to right: Cam O'Connor of Deschutes, John Maier of Rogue Ales, Patrick Broderick and Ken Kelley of North Coast.
Class of '88 1988 was apparently a good year to start a craft brewery. Across the country and especially here on the West Coast, a number of new breweries opened this same year. Known as the Class of ’88, breweries such as Deschutes, Rogue, North Coast, Grand Teton, Boulevard, Great Lakes, Goose Island, Vermont Brewery & Pub, and Wynkoop are among the most notables to open for business in 1988.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their respected brewhouses, Rogue (Newport, OR) , Deschutes (Bend, OR), and North Coast (Fort Bragg, CA) are releasing a special collaborative barleywine series to the delight of beer enthusiasts. Here’s some details from Rogue regarding this highly anticipated release: Read More…

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New Varietals of Organic Hops Brings Bison Brewing Hop Cuvée To The Table

Bison Hop Cuvee

Bison BrewingBison Brewing of Berkeley, California has been an organic craft beer pioneer since 1989. With this uncompromising approach to sustainable brewing, the company has been limited to higher costs and less available ingredients than your average brewery. But as time passes the few breweries in league with Bison who have remained organic right down to the hops (until 2013 other certified organic breweries could get away with non-organic hops as long as the product was 95% organic by weight, but Bison never compromised) have been blessed with a spurt in the growth of new certified organic hop varietals. Instead of more pedestrian hop varieties, last year’s harvest yielded the likes of highly sought after organic Simcoe, Citra, and Centennials.

With these new hops that appeal to the modern day hop head, Bison brewmaster and owner Dan Del Grande has pushed forth to soon unveil a brand new sessionable West Coast ale known as “Hop Cuvée” which makes use of kettle addition and dry-hopped lupulin that offers a tropical, floral, and resinous bouquet unlike anything the organic brewing world as smelled or tasted yet.

A light base of Read More…


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The Intimate Craft of Capitola: Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

Tim Clifford and Adair Paterno of Sante Adairius Rustic Ales in Capitola, CA

By Curtis Barnard, Jr.

The taproom is comfortable with plenty of room to sit and enjoy a glass of beer, whether you’re sitting at the beautiful wood coffee table, crowded around an upturned wine barrel or standing at the stone top bar talking to the owners about one of six beers on tap. The beer geek will be drawn to the empty bottles of beer, from Drie Fonteinen to Heady Topper, adorning the back of the bar and wall or the large anatomical poster of a rye plant.

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Through a door next to the bar is where the 7-barrel brewery and 30+ aging barrels are housed. The brew house is a mashup of food processing equipment, from the hemispherical steam-jacketed boil kettle to the dairy equipment trough turned mashtun, it’s nothing like the shiny new stainless steel systems most people are used to seeing. A homebrewer could walk in and easily recognize how to brew on the system. The lack of modern brewing equipment doesn’t hold Tim back though. Sante Adairius produced around 350 barrels in the first year and should easily be able to double that, possibly even hitting the 1000 barrel mark in the coming year. Tim and Adair agree on their growth curve though with Tim saying “We don’t really wanna grow…” The goal isn’t big money, it’s a sustainable job. “We just want to see a paycheck.” says Adair.

Tasting room and pub at Sante Adairius in Capitola, CA

Barrel-aging at Sante AdairiusThe Sante Adairius model seems to be a more local one Read More…


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Three Craft Spots in San Francisco You Might Not Know But Should

Cervezeria de Mateveza

#1- Healthy Spirits

Healthy Spirits in San FranciscoGet ready for a healthy dose of ecstasy. Though San Francisco is getting more and more robust in the craft beer scene, finding a quality bottle shop with substantial variety can often be a difficult task. Your search will prove fruitful should you venture to one of my new favorite places, Healthy Spirits. Already, I can tell this will be the primary depository for my paycheck.

Healthy Spirits has had another location in San Fran in the Castro neighborhood, but they recently opened another location in the Inner Richmond area. To say that I am thrilled would be a colossal understatement. This fine establishment is a heavenly adult candy store. Stalked with phenomenal craft beers, bourbon, whiskey, and even some munchies like hummus and spice rubs, the customer can satisfy all their consumption needs.

Selection at Healthy Spirits in SF

Owned and operated by Rami Barqawi and David Hauslein as the beer manager, these two fellas are a fantastic duo providing SF residents with hard to find national and international brews, special releases, and plenty of seasonals. Whether you are from out of town or a resident, I dub this place the ultimate beer run go-to spot. Bottleshop-wise, no other joint comes close in SF.

#2- Read More…


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100+ New Craft Beer Labels from the Pacific Northwest

Burnside Brewing Lime Kolsch

The burst of new craft beers coming out in the Northwest isn’t losing any steam. In fact there are several new and exciting beers making their way down the pipeline as you read this. Brewers from across the Northwest from Northern California to Alaska, Oregon to Idaho are dropping some mouthwatering treats that give us so much to be fired up about as we head into warmer days.

Pfriem Brewing CDASeveral new draught releases will be available soon from Hood River, Oregon’s Pfriem Family Brewers. Brewmaster Josh Pfriem and company are concocting a range of styles from Pilsner to Dark Strong Belgian-style beer. And anyone who has tasted the early releases from Pfriem is undoubtedly excited.

Widmer Brothers Brewing continues to set forth with some new experimental hop IPAs in the “X” series, an effort that assure their audience will remain loyally awaiting more evolutionary releases. There’s a lot to check out here, so have a gander at more than 100 new craft beer labels for bottles and kegs that you might want to check out if you can get ‘em in your neck of the woods: Read More…


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Brewpublic’s Wine Barrel-Aged Beer Tastival a Success at SF Beer Week!

Brewpublic's Wine Barrel-Aged Beer Tastival at Beer Revolution

By Kim Schimke

Wine Barrel Aged Beer TastivalWith a name like Tastival, how can one not have fun? Saturday, February 9th, was the first ever Wine Barrel-Aged Beer Tastival in the Bay Area put on at Beer Revolution in Oakland for SF Beer Week. There were over 30 beers that were sourced by Brewpublic from Northern California, Oregon, and beyond. I felt it was my duty to sample some of these delights and boy was I pleased with what I consumed. The day had all the ingredients for awesome: great people, cool venue, and damn tasty brews.

I am a pretty lucky gal living in the Bay. Over 500 events currently make SF Beer Week the largest beer week in the country. Though there are many fantastic events, a wine barrel-aged event was especially unique as it has not been done before in this area. Beer Revolution was packed solid for the majority of the day. Tables were full, lines to get one’s beer were long, and the noise level was high. To me, all those are signs of a successful turnout. Some attendees really got into it. I chatted with a group that brought their own homemade cheese wheel, jam, homemade fresh-baked bread, and sweet potato sticks to accompany their wine barrel-aged beer.

Beer RevolutionariesI spoke with many guests who came to the event because they were curious about the beers. Barrel-aged is a big trend in craft beer now, but bourbon barrels seem to be getting all the love and attention. A lot of craft lovers are not super familiar with wine barrel-aged and certainly not over 30 in one spot at an event highlighting this variety of brew. I heard nothing but Read More…


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Cascadia on Overdrive! – 36 Hours in Portland for Craft Beer

Loading up the van with Cascadian craft beer

Brewpublic I don’t even know where to begin, but I suppose I will start somewhere… It really irks my bones when I can’t pump out some juicy craft beer fodder for the readers of Brewpublic, and the past few days have been lacking. I know it. I mean, Brewpublic prides itself of giving you a steady, daily glimpse into some of the many many goingson in and around Cascadian brewing and a little more. Being on planes, trains, and automobiles with a Smartphone, a thirsty palate, and a hankering to round up as many beers as possible makes the blogging a bit lacking at times, but it’s not because of will.

They say the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and we intended to scare up some goods for you the past few days, but we were short a laptop, a spare liver, and more daylight hours (heck, we can often muster just fine in the dark!). On Monday we scheduled details for rounding up as many kegs as we could while in and around Portland, Oregon. The reasons were many. SF Beer Week events, a new pub opening, and simply to blow Bay Area artisan beer enthusiasts’ minds. Spending much time in the East Bay of the San Francisco area, it has been my goal to inject as much of the Cascadian craft beer culture into the locals down here as I possibly can. With SF SF Beer Week 2013Beer Week about to pop off (February 8-17, 2013), I couldn’t think of a better way to exemplify what amazingness Oregon’s uniquely saturated yeast culture has to present. Don’t get me wrong, Northern California is home to some legendary breweries and beer halls that rival some of the finest in this world. Further, NorCal is booming with new breweries that vivaciously illustrate the significance of the modern day Post-Prohibition beer revolution. Thus, it makes perfect sense that while living here, I find myself working at an Oakland pub named Beer Revolution with the best selection of regional, national, and international fermented malted pours. Soon, the adjacent revamped train depot in Jack London Square will beef up the neighborhood’s selection almost two-fold. Looking to open very soon, the Olde Depot Taphouse will assert the community as an even more undeniably world class destination.

Hopworks Brewmaster Christian Ettinger (left) with Dan "Bully" BollwinkelAppointed to manage Olde Depot is seasoned professional Dan “Bully” Bollwinkel who has further inspired us to take things on the West Oakland craft beer scene to the next level. Bully and I jaunted to Portland on a plane, rented a modest Dodge Caravan and sought to stock up on as many different beers as we could safely drive back 600 miles south to Oakland. On our journey, we even went a little overboard and maxed out the payload to the point where the chassis began to woefully sag toward the earth. With just 36 hours to obtain an optimal variety of mostly 1/6-barrel kegs and a few bottles, we were focused on making the most of our precious time.

Immediately upon touching down at PDX International Airport with just the clothes on our backs and Read More…


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