2nd Annual Starkbierzeit: Festival of Strong Beer


Eugene’s The Bier Stein is pulling out some big guns once again for its second Starkbierzeit: Festival of Strong Beer. The all-day event will feature high-gravity beers from around the world, focusing on rare and vintage ales. Half the taplist will be taken over, and roughly a dozen bottles will be pouring from 2pm until 10pm. Tickets for bottle tastings will be $1 apiece, and a 3oz. pour will range from one to four tickets.

Starkbierzeit means “strong beer season” in German. The tradition was started by the Paulaner monks during the Lenten fast in March. The Bier Stein is bucking tradition a little bit and bringing out some “warming” beers as the weather turns frigid rather than waiting for the beginning of spring. Come down and warm up at the bar or by the fireplace, enjoy some of the best strong ales around!

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Heater-Allen Pink Boots Scholarship Sticke Alt Now Available

Pink Boots Society Boots Line Up

The ladies from the Northwest Pink Boots Society have recently brewed a new beer that will be sold as a fundraiser for the local chapter. About 10 members got together on September 7th in McMinnville at Heater Allen Brewery and brewed a German style Sticke Alt beer called Heater Allen PBS Sticke Alt.

Heater-Allen PBS Sticke Alt is a German style strong alt that is traditionally made in the fall and the winter, usually released the third Tuesdays of October and January. It is normally darker, stronger and roastier than typical alt.

The Beer will be primarily available in Portland, with one keg in Eugene, one keg in Amity, and one keg in McMinnville. Most of the kegs are going out this week. Currently The Farm Cafe in Portland, The Bier Stein in Eugene, Heater Allen in McMinnville, and The Blue Goat in Amity have kegs. This week Belmont Station and Tin Bucket in Portland, and New Seasons Progress Ridge in Beaverton are all scheduled to receive kegs. Read More…


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Brewpublic’s Killer Beer Fest – The Bier Stein

Killer Beer Fest - Eugene
Since Angelo has been living in Eugene for the summer and into the fall, he decided it made perfect sense to team up with the most Killer of Emerald City beer bars, The Bier Stein. This year the Stein moved into a gorgeous new 15,000 square-foot location set up with all the fixings for a perfect state of the art beer geek utopia. Many of the same beers featured at Bailey’s Taproom will pour parallel at the Stein as well as a few regional exclusive treats. Big thanks to the entire staff here including Chip, Kristina, and Dave for helping to orchestrate this sure to be kick ass event!

Beginning at 11:00am on Saturday, The Bier Stein will be tapping some killer beers to celebrate 5 strong years of Brewpublic. So please join us in celebrating our 5th Anniversary.

Spacious new digs of the Bier Stein in Eugene, Oregon

And here is what you’ve been waiting for, Eugene’s Killer Beer Fest Taplist: Read More…


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Oakshire Brewing Shows Off Their New Cans This Week in Portland & Eugene

Oakshire Amber CanOakshire Espresso Stout Can

On the heels of releasing their popular Watershed IPA in cans earlier this year, the Oakshire crew is proud to announce that Oakshire Original Amber Ale and Overcast Espresso Stout are now available in 12-ounce/6-pack cans. The release means that all of Oakshire’s year-round beers are now available in cans, as Amber and Stout join Oakshire’s India Pale Ale. Sales of the 12-ounce/6-pack cans, and distribution throughout Oregon and Washington will begin Monday, October 21st.

“We’re thrilled to package our Amber and Stout in cans,” explains Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk. “The bottom line is that cans are better for the quality of beer, and that’s what I care about. Cans keep light out of the beer and have less oxygen pickup, which will allow us to have a great experience with fresh beer. The extra benefits of portability, recyclability and a single serving size are all just bonuses for us.”

Oakshire Original Amber Ale and Overcast Espresso Stout 12-ounce/6-pack cans will be available locally and throughout the Pacific Northwest beginning today, and each will continue to be available in 22- ounce bottles and on draft.

The Oakshire team is excited to celebrate the release of cans throughout the week with the following events:

  • Dig-A-Pony (Portland): Monday 10/21 4:30pm
  • The Bier Stein (Eugene): Wednesday 10/23 6:00pm
  • The Barn Light (Eugene): Thursday 10/24 5:00pm Read More…

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Brewpublic’s Annual KillerBeerWeek Returns Bigger and Better Than Ever with More Venues and More Events


Brewpublic celebrates 5 years with 10 days and 12 events in October 18-27, 2013.

Since we kicked off this website in the fall of 2008, Brewpublic has been committed to celebrating the wonderful craft beer and the people who make it what it is. Focused mostly on Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, Brewpublic has had the great pleasure of meeting so many passionate and talented people who serve as the backbone to the region’s burgeoning craft beer community. Focusing on events and showcasing the plenitude of beers from a myriad of styles has always been at the core of what we have been trying to do here at Brewpublic. With Killer Beer Week, which began humbly in 2009 with two event, our 1st Brewniversary celebration at Saraveza Bottleshop and Pasty Tavern and KillerBeerFest at Bailey’s Taproom, before growing into a five-day and then eight-day hullabaloo, the now 10-day, 12-event conviviality of great local beer looks to highlight a portion of our finest craft beer establishments with some amazing offerings.

KillerBeerWeek 2013For 2013′s Killer Beer Week (KBW), we’ve added two of our favorite Eugene craft beer establishments to the mix as well as a few more from Portland. The fun and festive features of KBW ’13 begins at Roscoe’s Pub on Friday October 18 before a weekend at the Green Dragon’s Killer Pumpin Festival that will, for the first time, take to the streets. Other highlights of KBW ’13 include our Killer IPA Tasting at NWIPA, Killer Bend Beer Fest at Bridgetown Beerhouse, Killer Eugene and Corvallis Beer Fest at Hillboro’s newest craft beer destination Orenco Taphouse, before closing out with the week’s biggest jamborees including our 5th Brewniversary Celebration at Saraveza, and the storied Killer Beer Fest at Bailey’s Taproom. There’s much more. So much more. This year, we’ve added two events in Eugene, Oregon including a Tea Beer Fest at 16 Tons, and a paralleling Killer Beer Fest at the new Bier Stein.

Here’s a look at all that you can look forward to for 2013′s Killer Beer Week : Read More…


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Eugene’s The Bier Stein presents Pumpkinpalooza – October 19 & 20

Pumpkinfest Poster

The Bier Stein will be dedicating the majority of its 30 taps to beers made with the most popular squash in America. The two-day event will feature a range of interpretations of the pumpkin beer style, from the classic amber hued, pie-spiced ale to pilsner, porter, and more. Pumpkin beer comes but once a year, and The Bier Stein’s previous pumpkin beer fests have been extremely well attended. This year’s fest will feature beers from about a dozen breweries. Elysian Brewing from Seattle, WA, arguably the most pumpkin-obsessed brewery, is bringing over a dozen different pumpkin beers, and a large, hollowed and charred pumpkin to fill with beer and tap on site! That will happen at 5pm on Saturday the 19th. Full beer list is below.

If pumpkins are your thing, you’ll want to get a taste of our auxiliary pumpkin menu, available all weekend. Pumpkin enchiladas, pumpkin soups, pumpkin salad, and pumpkin cheesecake are sure to pair well with a flight of pumpkin beers! Pumpkin-related clothing and/or costumery is encouraged to keep things festive. There will be a “guess the weight of the pumpkin” contest with prizes as well. The rarer selections will be tapped at 5pm Saturday in the Back Bar.

Elysian Brewing goes out of its way to use pumpkin and a veritable walk-in cabinet of spices in the most interesting ways possible. Mr. Yuck is a sour pumpkin ale with pumpkin in the mash, kettle, and fermentor (they use the “triple pumpkined” method in many brews). The Great Gherkin utilizes another member of the Cucurbit family – cucumber – and chai tea spices. Punkuccino adds a dose of cold-extract coffee… and then there’s the Calatrava Habanero Vanilla Epazote Pumpkin Ale, which needs no introduction. This event is part of Elysian’s Pumpkin Roadshow.

Pumpkinpalooza Pumpkinfest Poster will also include the debut of a beer brewed by The Bier Stein’s ‘Beer Baron’ Dave Stockhausen and beer steward Aaron Brussat at Agrarian Ales. Read More…


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Corvallis Tap Takeover at The Bier Stein

Spacious new digs of the Bier Stein in Eugene, Oregon


Tonight, August 22nd, one of our favorite beer bars, The Bier Stein, is hosting a Corvallis Brewery Tap Takeover. Six breweries from Corvallis, OR will completely take over all of the taps at The Bier Stein.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the beers that will be served this evening.

However, the Corvallis Tap Takeover is not the only thing to make your way to The Bier Stein for. Corvallis’ Heart of the Valley Septembeerfest held on September 14th is fast approaching and the one of the highlights tonight is The Bier Stein will be raffling off 10 tickets for the Septembeerfest Bus. The Septembeerfest Bus has 30 spaces available, not including the 10 raffled off. The bus will leave The Bier Stein on Sept 14th at 1 PM to drive up to Septembeerfest in Corvallis, returning by 9 pm. A ticket for the bus is $35 and includes a Septembeerfest t-shirt, glass, entry to the event, 4 drink tickets and drinks provided by Corvallis breweries on the bus. Tickets are sold exclusively at The Bier Stein.

Below is when all the scheduled events will take place tonight.

  • Meet the brewers from 5-8pm.
  • 5 bus tickets will be drawn at 7pm
  • 5 more will be drawn at 8pm
  • Tickets will be for sale, $35

So make your way down to The Bier Stein today.


The Bier Stein

1591 Willamette Street

Eugene, OR


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Wood, Sweat, and Beers – A Wood-Aged Beer Fest

Wood, Sweat, & Beers at The Bier Stein

Press Release:

TBier Stein manager Dave Stockhausenimber! The Bier Stein is bringing a bit of wilderness to the ol’ taplist! Over half of the taplist will be taken over by woody ales ranging in style, strength, and hardiness. We’ve managed to rope in a few special kegs, as well as convince a couple breweries to carve out special concoctions just for this event! Our heartwood goes out to them.

Beer has been held in wood for centuries, but only in the last few decades has barrel aged beer become a popular delicacy. Coopers used to be as common as blacksmiths; though their quantity has diminished, their skills are utterly revered. The qualities of different wood lend varying texture to beer; duration of aging, the size of the barrel, and the presence (or absence) of wood-loving Brettanomyces all play a distinct role in the metamorphosis of beer to barrel aged beer. A previous tenant may have left behind wafts of whiskey or wine, soaked into the staves. . .

Note the “Sweat” Read More…


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Eugene Beer Week Continues To Roll Along

2013 Eugene Beer Week

We’re now midway through the 3rd Annual Eugene Beer Week with many more fun and exciting events left to take place throughout the Eugene area. Brewpublic was able to make it to Eugene to take in a few of the festivities over the past couple of days.

The nice attribute that Eugene Beer Week offers is that most, if not all of the events are very affordable. The events are geared for both the beer geek and the beer novice just beginning to understand what craft beer is all about. You can take in a free sensory analysis class at Ninkasi Brewing conducted by Jamie Floyd, a few various beer dinners for $35, a Whiskey Barrel Beer Fest with free admission and the list goes on. From my vantage point it’s a week worth of fun, easy going, casual beer events that anyone can attend and make a good time out of it without draining the pocketbook. DigitalPour at The Bier Stein

Once in Eugene our first stop was the newly relocated and much Read More…


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The Bier Stein of Eugene Re-Opens in New Space

Crowd of beer lovers gather at the new Bier Stein location in Eugene for a not-so-soft opening on Sunday April 14, 2013

It’s official the new and improved Bier Stein is open for business as of 11:00 a.m. at 1591 Willamette Street in Eugene, Oregon.  The new spot, just eight blocks south of their former location is replete with a full kitchen and much more room for more of what people want – craft beer.

According to manager Dave Stockhausen, the new 12,000-square-foot Bier Stein will host 24 taps and a cask engine up front as well as a back bar with the ability for six additional taps for special events (a total of 31 possible). Much bigger than the old Bier Stein location on 345 11th Ave. which closed its doors on March 23, 2013, the new haunt has been assessed by the fire marshal to have a 247 person occupancy Read More…


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