Are You Ready For Some Football?

According to Stephanie Kerchner, the PR and events coordinator for Flying Dog Brewing Company in Frederick, Maryland, Flying Dog approached the folks at Iron City Brewing Company of Pittsburgh regarding a friendly wager over the winner of the AFC title game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.   In a press release sent by Flying Dog, the challenge involves the company “throwing the red flag and challenging Iron City Brewing Company of Pittsburgh, PA – home of the terrible towel – to a friendly wager. The terms? The brewery whose home team goes flat on Sunday must toast the victors with their opponent’s beer, while fully clad in their opponent’s gear” and followed with a big “GOOOOO STEEELERS!”

This got me thinking: It’s too bad the Seattle Seahawks stunk this year. The Beers of Seattle would have bludgeoned most other cities’ offerings.  Don’t even mention any kind of wager involving the Arizona Cardinals.

“Everyone knows that our co-conspirator, Hunter S. Thompson was a huge football fan, so in true Flying Dog spirit, we’ve added something a little extra special to this weekends big game,” said Flying Dog General Partner, Jim Caruso. “We admire the fact that Iron City is willing to put their beer where there mouth is.  Our should we say our beer where there mouth is?”

Didn’t Dr. Gonzo spend an entire Super Bowl locked in a hotel room while tripping balls?  Or did we read that wrong?  Either way, it seems like a better deal for Iron City, who upon losing will enjoy wonderful craft beers like Gonzo Imperial Porter, Doggie Style Pale Ale, and Horn Dog Barleywine.  If Pittsburgh takes the game, the Flying Dog posse will be begrudged with the pedestrian swill of Iron City, a brewery with three brands of session lagers.

Curious if Flying Dog would have laid their chips on the Denver Broncos had they made the playoffs since the brewery started in Colorado, I asked Kerchner about this hypothetical scenerio.  Surprised to find out she is a Steelers fan, she said “I don’t know if we would have made a bet if Denver made it.  We were approached by the Iron City to do the wager.  There are a lot of gamblers here at the brewery so I’m sure if someone proposed a wager on the Broncos we would have taken it.


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