Killer Pumpkin Beers On the Way!

Laurelwood Stingy Jack Pumpkin Ale returns on August 22, 2012

It’s been said before, seasonal beer releases seem to arrive earlier and earlier. Jubelale or Bi-Frost anyone? Still, you can’t deny that one of the most consoling parts of summer ending is the arrival of the autumn seasonals that are perfect to enjoy while peeping colorful leaves or relaxing while taking in some football on the tube.

A very polarizing style of beer is unquestionably the pumpkin ale. This gourd-eous brew category brings a spectrum of spice and fruit flavors to the palate. We’re already getting fired up about a few that are already in production. In late October, Brewpublic is teaming up with the Green Dragon once again to bring Portland another KillerPumpkinFest. This will be a part of our annual KillerBeerWeek that will come to a grand finale at Bailey’s Taproom on October 27.  More details to come!

Silver Moon Twisted Gourd Pumpkin Ale

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