Block 15 Brewing Bourbon Month Community Table Beer Dinner

When February arrives late next week, Block 15 Brewing will kick off its annual Bourbon Month. Each year, the month of February features bourbon inspired beers and food at Block 15. This year is no different except that there will be one additional day to celebrate as 2020 is a leap year!

On February 1st, Block 15 Brewing will release Super Nebula 2020 and two variants Super Nebula, Breakfast with the Turkey and Super Nebula, Vanilla Chocolate Raspberry along with Kriek and The DAB Lab – Juice Joint. Find out more details on these beers here.

Then on Saturday, February 8th, Block 15 will host its third family-style Community Table Beer Dinner at 6:00pm. Block 15’s Barrel Program and Wild Cellar Manager Garrison will be pairing a special lineup of Block 15 beer with a menu celebrating Bourbon Month.

Here’s a peek at the menu.

Bourbon Plumped Currant Relish, Alsea Acres Chevre, Rye Crisps
Beer Pairing: Winter Amusement 2020

Salmon Tartare, Bourbon-Balsamic Gastrique, Creme Fraiche, Capers, Chives, Wonton Triangles
Beer Pairing: The DAB Lab, Juice Joint

Black Currant & Angostura Granita

Porchetta (Italian Pork Roast), Bourbon-Orange Glazed Root Vegetables, Smoked Leek Risotto, Arugula & Winter Herb Salad with Miso Vinaigrette
Beer Pairing: Super Nebula 2020

Kriek, a Spontaneous Cuvee

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
Beer Pairing: Super Nebula, Vanilla Chocolate Raspberry

The price for the Community Table Beer Dinner is $60 and includes gratuity. Tickets can be purchased here.

Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room
3415 SW Deschutes St.
Corvallis, OR 97333