Block 15 Brewing To Release Turbulent Consequence Program, Ferme de la Ville, & Animal Cookies IPA

Block 15 Brewing 2016 Ferme de la Ville and Turbulent Consequence Program. (image courtesy of Block 15 Brewing)
Block 15 Brewing 2016 Ferme de la Ville and Turbulent Consequence Program. (image courtesy of Block 15 Brewing)

Block 15 Brewing has announced its next Wild & Sour Bottle Release and Brunch will take place on Saturday, May 21. This release will include three variations from Block 15’s spontaneously fermented Turbulent Consequence program and Ferme de la Ville, a Belgian-style provisional farmhouse ale, along with Animal Cookies, a one off canned IPA.

The Wild & Sour Bottle Release will take place at Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room in South Corvallis beginning at 11:00am. The first 60 people in line at the Tap Room will be able to purchase the full allocation on all beers. For those that arrive early, Block 15 will be serving hot coffee and donuts from the local Corvallis bakery NutCakes. Brunch reservations will begin at 9:00am for both Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery and its neighboring Caves Bier & Kitchen in downtown Corvallis.

Here is how Block 15 describes its Turbulent Consequence program with beer descriptions below. Turbulent Consequence is brewed using classic lambic methods from the Senne River Valley in Belgium. A multi-step turbid mash of unmalted wheat and barley undergoes an extended boil, along with aged hops. After the boil, hot wort is pumped into our coolship and cooled overnight, where thriving resident flora from our wild cellar inoculates the wort. It is then filled into oak barrels for spontaneous fermentation and extended maturation. Select barrels from the Turbulent Consequence program are used in various blends throughout the year.

Turbulent Consequence, Pêche
Each autumn, the Arzner family heads to Olson Farm and handpicks winter snow-white peaches at the peak of their season. These juicy beauties are then packed into oak barrels with select Turbulent Consequence from the prior year. Matured through the winter and bottled with locally gathered honey to create natural carbonation.

This is the follow up release to 2015’s GABF Gold Medal winning Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale.
5.5% ABV
3 bottles/person

Turbulent Consequence, Queen Anne
Select barrels of spring 2015 Turbulent Consequence were packed with freshly picked Queen Anne cherries from The Cherry Country and matured through the winter. These golden cherries feature beautiful fruit notes with background pit and a sweet, tart finish.
5.25% ABV
3 bottles/person

Turbulent Consequence, Framboise
We packed generous amounts of locally grown red raspberries into two-year old Turbulent Consequence barrels. Matured through winter, Framboise marries rich notes of raspberry jam with balanced acidity and a complex wild finish.
5.25% ABV
3 bottles/person

Ferme de la Ville Provision
Our nod to the provisional Belgian farmhouse ales of yesteryear. First, we brew a rustic beer with Belgian malted barley, wheat and rye along with oats, locally gathered honey, noble hops and Belgian farmhouse yeast. This young beer is then blended with portions of barrel-matured farmhouse ales from our wild cellar, and bottle-conditioned to allow for a melding of flavor and body. The result is Ferme de la Ville—a refreshing, tart, golden ale showcasing complex aromas and flavor with a wonderfully dry and vinous finish.
6% ABV
4 bottles/person

Animal Cookies
Brewed for the hop-loving animal inside of you, this Hop Circus Ale is packed with sticky, pungent hops. Unleash a swirling circus of pineapple, tangerine, mango, pine, and dank herbs—balanced with sweet pale malt and malted oats for a soft mouthfeel and gentle finish.
7% ABV
8 cans/person

Chris Althouse pouring some Block 15 beers during a bottle release.

For those that would like to partake in a Saturday morning brunch, the brunch lottery is now open for Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery and Caves Bier & Kitchen. To enter the brunch lottery that has a limit of two seats per person click here. If your name is drawn, your reservation will enable you to purchase all bottles up to each bottle and can’s allocation amounts. Winners that will be allowed to reserve a brunch spot will be notified by Thursday, May 5th at 5:00pm.

There will be a $10 deposit per reservation to secure your brunch spot, and brunch attendees will be required to pre-order bottles when confirming brunch time & location. You will also have the opportunity to select your brunch start time (9:00, 9:15, 9:30, or 9:45), and you will get the choice of a special brunch at Block 15, or normal brunch service at Caves. More details on selecting your times and restaurant will come in your selection email.

At Caves Bier & Kitchen attendees will be able to order for its normal brunch menu along with beer inspired specials, cocktails and 20 taps, and over 150 bottles. All five-release beers will be on tap!

Next door at Block 15, its brunch will feature a set menu at $16.00 per person. The menu is as follows.

  • Framboise crepes
  • Alsea Acres feta, spinach and herb crepes
  • Mini bacon and cotswold quiche
  • Fried potatoes with peppers and onions
  • Nebula Stout sausage
  • Biscuits with peach jam
  • Locally roasted Pacifica coffee

Saturday, May 21, looks to be a great day to be in Corvallis!

Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery
300 SW Jefferson Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333

Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room
3415 SW Deschutes St.
Corvallis, OR 97333

Caves Bier & Kitchen
308 SW 3rd St.
Corvallis, OR 97333