Ecliptic Brewing To Host Space Tacos Fiesta With Espacio Mexican-Style Lager

Ecliptic Brewing Space Tacos Fiesta April 5, 2018

Ecliptic Brewing will be hosting a Space Tacos Fiesta to launch its new seasonal beer, Espacio Mexican-Style Lager.

Originally brewed for the 2017 Oregon Brewers Festival, Espacio Mexican-Style Lager is a sessionable lager brewed with fresh lime zest. Perfect for the upcoming warmer weather in a few months, Espacio is 4.8% ABV and 40 IBUs.

To launch Espacio, Ecliptic Brewing will host Space Tacos Fiesta at its brewery in North Portland on Thursday, April 5, 2018 from 3:00-10:00pm. Ecliptic Brewing will stop serving its pub menu during this event to feature a delicious line-up of tacos, flan, margaritas, and beer. Hot Mama Salsa will also be on site from 4:00-9:00pm sampling out its delicious, fresh, and authentic salsas.

“Espacio is a beer that people have been asking about since it debuted at OBF.  Now that it is becoming part of our line-up I knew we had to throw a party.” said Marketing Manager at Ecliptic Brewing, Karolyn Simon in a statement. “Tacos and Espacio go great together and the idea of a Space Tacos Fiesta came to life!”

Ecliptic Brewing Espacio Mexican Style Lager Brewed with Lime Zest

For up to date details about the event, visit the Facebook event page here.

Espacio will be available in both draft and 6pk-12oz cans throughout the Ecliptic Brewing distribution network of Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, Colorado, and North Carolina.

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