Everybody’s Brewing Collaborates With Eve Kuttemann For Chefs Week PDX

Brewer Nick Poggiali and Kuttemann during the boil. (image courtesy of Everybody's Brewing)
Brewer Nick Poggiali and Kuttemann during the boil. (image courtesy of Everybody’s Brewing)

With the upcoming return of Chefs Week PDX here in Portland taking place from February 3 – 7, a couple breweries from The Gorge have paired up with local chefs to brew collaboration beers for the week’s events. Double Mountain Brewery has teamed up with Adam Sappington from The Country Cat for a beer and Everybody’s Brewing has brewed a beer with local pastry chef Eve Kuttemann, known for her work at Castagna, Trifecta Tavern, and her own pop-up, Sage Hen for a beer.

Head brewer Jess Caudill, who is well versed in his knowledge of yeast since he is also co-owner of the Portland based company Imperial Organic Yeast, led everybody’s Brewing collaboration with Kuttemann. The beer that the two collaborated on is called Biscuit Shooter Sourdough RyePA, a reference to the camp cook on cattle drives in the old American West, where sourdough biscuits were a staple. Biscuit Shooter Sourdough RyePA will be available on draft in Portland beginning on February 1.

When the two got together to begin the beer recipe the goal was to make a beer truly inspired by Kuttemanns baking, which often explores old American recipes. The result was a very unique concept. They decided to attempt to ferment a beer with the wild yeast strain Kuttemann uses in her sourdough bread. This is a technique that is rarely used in modern, commercial brewing, so the duo knew that there could be some challenges ahead.

Brewer Adam McClure running tests on the yeast. (image courtesy of Everybody's Brewing)
Brewer Adam McClure running tests on the yeast. (image courtesy of Everybody’s Brewing)

“Most brewer’s yeast has been propagated to isolate and remove unwanted bacteria. We knew there would be some living in the yeast, and needed to see specifically what kinds,” stated Caudhill in a press release. “I saw an interesting blend of bacteria, and nothing that needed eliminating. We were able to use her exact culture, which will truly showcase the flavor of Eve’s sourdough bread.”

In classic Northwest fashion, they chose to brew an IPA, highlighted with Citra, Galaxy, and El Dorado Hops. Kuttemann then spent a day in White Salmon, brewing along side the team at Everybody’s Brewing. “Beer and bread-making have so many similarities, but use completely different techniques to extract flavor, so I’m excited to see how the beer highlights the various and complex aspects of the starter. The entire process was fun, and really exemplified the creativity that Chefs Week PDX is all about,” said Kuttemann in a release.

Eve shoveling grain. (image courtesy of Everybody's Brewing)
Eve shoveling grain. (image courtesy of Everybody’s Brewing)

Unfortunately many of the events during Chefs Week PDX have been sold out or a nearly at capacity there are a few gems still available by perusing its somewhat challenging to navigate website. For more information about events during Chefs Week PDX check out www.chefsweekpdx.com.

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