Ex Novo Brewing Presents Family Meal – A Head to Head Cooking Competition

Ex Novo Family Meal - April 2016

For those looking for a late night dinner option, tonight Monday, April 25, Ex Novo Brewing will be the place to go. Beginning at 10:30pm and lasting until 1:00am, Ex Novo will host Family Meal.

This is the second installment of Family Meal will feature a head to head cooking competition between Chef Han Hwang from Kim Jong Grillin vs. Chef Jason Myers from Basilisk. Each chef will square off using secret ingredients and presenting its dishes in a way that will impress the judges.

A ticket is $15.00 each and allows each participant to some light food prepared by both Hwang and Myers. If you arrive with your OLCC or Food Handlers card you will receive a complimentary drink. Advanced tickets can be purchased here.

Proceeds from Family Meal benefit The Portland Kitchen, an organization that offers a culineary instruction program to at risk kids from ages 14 – 18.

Ex Novo Brewing
2326 N. Flint Ave.
Portland, OR 97227