Red Duck Ketchup Day at Coalition Brewing

Red Duck Ketchup Day at Coalition Brewing June 5

Is it ketchup or catsup? No matter how you spell it today is officially National Ketchup Day. Yes, we are not exactly sure who nominates such a day but we’ll go along with it since some beer is involved.

So today one of America’s quintessential condiments is in the spotlight. America’s #2 selling condiment is ketchup. That top honor goes to mayonnaise. But with the assistance of Red Duck Ketchup, Portlanders will be able to celebrate this special day at Coalition Brewing.

This evening from 5:00 to 8:00pm Coalition Brewing will release its new Spicy Ketchup Beer brewed with Red Duck Ketchup from Eugene, Oregon. This beer will be served alongside its other new release, Curry Red Ale.

Best of all, the first 50 attendees will receive a free Spicy Ketchup Beer and first 100 will also receive free Olympia Provision frankfurters. God forbid you put ketchup on a hot dog but for this one day the Condiment Gods will grant you one exception.

Red Duck Ketchup Day at Coalition Brewing

Coalition Brewing’s partner in the two beers is Red Duck Ketchup. This Eugene based company was founded on October 1, 2012. What makes Red Duck stand out is its infusion of artisan craftsmanship and quirkiness. Their proprietary spice blends offer unique and satisfying flavor profiles, perfect for pairing with craft beer, top-quality burgers, and a variety of other gourmet foods. Red Duck produces certified organic ketchup in Classic, Spicy, and Curry flavors! Its products are sold at over 250 stores and select restaurants, mainly on the West Coast. A full list of our stores is available by clicking here.

Even if you arrive too late for the complimentary beer and frankfurter, the event is free and open to those 21 years or older.

Coalition Brewing
2705 SE Ankeny St.
Portland, OR 97214