GrowlerFest 2015 East + West

Growlerfest Flyer

Craft brewing has been considered a perfect blend of hard science and artistic expression for hundreds of years. This Saturday, Project Art, Portland Growler Company (PGC) and Eutectic Art Gallery are coming together to celebrate not only the art of craft brewing, but the art surrounding craft beer culture with GrowlerFest 2015 East + West. GrowlerFest was co-founded by Alexandra Jelleberg and Bradley Klem as GrowlerFest East took place a few weeks back in Cummington, Massachusetts. Project Art have collected artwork from more than fifteen different ceramic artists from all over the world to be put on display this Saturday, October 24th, at the gallery. This event aims to demonstrate that growlers can be both functional and artistic.

Growlers at Eutectic Gallery (photo by Ryan Spencer)
Growlers at Eutectic Gallery (photo by Ryan Spencer)

As if the artwork was not enough, Eutectic Gallery has put together a package of offerings to accompany the cost of entry. Buying a ticket to the event affords you the following:

  • 2x 5 oz. tasters and tour of Culmination
  • 2x 5 oz tasters from Sixpoint (Crisp Pilsner and Bengali IPA)
  • Tour of Mudshark Studios to see how the growlers are made
  • Delicious snacks from Lardo
  • $10 off the purchase of a growler the day of the event
  • Entry into a raffle for a growler and other swag from participating partners

Tickets are currently on sale for $15 to the first 50 people, and $20 for all remaining tickets. The event will be held at Eutectic Art Gallery on 1930 NE Oregon Street, with tours of Culmination Brewing at 2117 NE Oregon Street. The event will run from 12:00 – 6:00 on Saturday, October 24th. If you are unable to attend the event the growlers will still be on display and for sale at Eutectic Gallery until October 31st.

Eutectic Gallery Space (photo by Ryan Spencer)
Eutectic Gallery Space (photo by Ryan Spencer)

About Portland Growler Company:
Portland Growler Company began in the summer of 2010 as a collective of designers and ceramicists that came together to create hearty, handmade ceramic beer growlers in a city known for its microbreweries. Each growler is slip cast using a high-temperature stoneware clay body and fired to an extreme temperature of 2232 F.

About Eutectic Gallery:
Eutectic Gallery strives to present the most exquisite contemporary ceramic art to the Portland Fine Arts community. Eutectic will not only provide a venue for upcoming and established ceramicists to display their work, but will serve as a center that can provide greater immersion into modern American ceramics through education via interaction with both the artist and his/her work and the larger PDX arts community.

About Project Art:
Project Art is a live­work space focused on the production of ceramic art. Located in rural Cummington, Project Art rents shared studios, presents public shows in the gallery, and promotes ceramics in the local and international art community. Funded residencies are offered to provide a place and support for emerging and professional contemporary artists to focus on and complete a specific project. Project Art is open to the public by appointment and for programmed events. Artist Salons feature resident and local artists and visiting scholars who present their work, opening a dialog with the wider art community.

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