West Daily & Coalition Brewing Present Tastemaker

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West Daily and Coalition Brewing, aka The Drinking Buddies, presents Tastemaker, a collaboration of design and brews. Taking place on Portland’s Westside at INDIGO @ twelve | west on Saturday March 28th from 5:00 to 9:00pm one can expect an evening full of creativity.

Over the years, Portland has been at the forefront of design work and craft brewing, sort of the “Tastemaker” of the creative world. In a partnership that reflects this creative spirit, West Daily and Coalition Brewing Co. bring you a special collaborative beer and clothing collection for one fun filled evening.

Join The Drinking Buddies a top of the Indigo to celebrate uniquely flavorful beers, exclusive clothing packed with character, delicious creative food from Racion, sustainable business practices, along with ethical production methods.

The $30 admission includes access to the Limited Edition “Tastemaker” Blueberry Berliner Weisse beer that was created exclusively for this special event. One will also receive first-access to the hand-dyed work-wear inspired clothing collection, cuisine from a top Portland eatery Racion, an interactive engagement from the creators behind West Daily, & Coalition Brewing. All proceeds will go to support the Northwest Children’s Outreach nonprofit that helps children meet their needs with such items as clothing, hygiene, food, and other necessities. ImpactFlow, who are building a more engaged and connected community will power the evening’s event.

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Tickets are for the event are $30 each and can be purchased at www.impactflow/tastemaker.

INDIGO @ twelve | west
430 SW 13th Avenue
Portland, OR


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