Barth-Haas Group INCOGNITO Hop Varieties and Hop Aroma Standards Kit

© Jake Parrish Photography

Yakima based Barth-Haas Group has a few new products to offer brewers. One is a new Aroma Standards Kit for hop sensory and the other are two new hops joining its INCOGNITO line of 100% all-natural flowable hop product concentrate.

Hop Aroma Standard Kit
We’re proud to announce the new Aroma Standards Kit from the Barth-Haas Group’s Brewing Solutions and Sensory Team. The kit contains 12 individual aroma vials each representing one of the aroma categories that comprise the 12-point Barth-Haas sensory language. We think you’ll find it an invaluable tool for training your team—and aligning everyone on the sensory aspects of hops and beer. LEARN MORE

Introducing two new varieties of INCOGNITO, the 100% all-natural flowable hop product that delivers highly concentrated flavor and aroma while maximizing brewing efficiency. Two of Barth-Haas Groups’ newest varieties, Sabro INCOGNITO and HBC 472 INCOGNITO, are the perfect way to achieve efficient flavor in hop-forward and malt-forward beers. LEARN MORE