Hass Launches Kettle Redi Light-Stable Bitterness Hops

A new way to bitter beer is now available from Haas, as the global hop company launches Kettle Redi hops. This new way of bittering, will offer light-stable bitterness no matter how your beer is packaged.

Making its pitch towards breweries that use lighter color or clear bottles, Haas is offering its Kettle Redi hops with this brewery as its target customer. Made from all-natural ingredients that use less vegetive matter will allow for a beer to be brewed with better overall quality.

“Kettle Redi® helps us to achieve consistently great results in our beer,” said Lincoln Jhones Rodrigues, Head Brewer, Cervejaria Bamboa, Campo Grande, Brazil, in a press release. “It’s extremely easy to use, easy to dose, and provides excellent protection against light-struck flavor. Because of its unique formulation, Kettle Redi® provides us with efficiencies that result in better yields during the brewing process. I’m very happy that we have this product.”

Kettle Redi Hops Highlights:

  • Improves Light Stability – Prevents the “light-struck” flavor of beer packaged in green or clear glass bottles.
  • Standardized Alpha Acids – Great brewing performance that results in pleasant, well-rounded bitterness.
  • Kettle Hop Flavor – Designed for hot-side application, natural hop oils deliver “kettle hop” flavor and aroma.
  • 100% Hop Derived – Kettle Redi® is made from 100%, all-natural hops with no synthetic ingredients added.
  • Less Loss, Less Waste – Contains no vegetative matter, so there’s no beer loss and no hop solids to dispose of.
  • Efficient, Easy To Use – Works well with other HAAS light-stable bittering products: Tetrahop Gold®, Hexahop® Gold, and Redihop®.

The Kettle Redi Technical Data Sheet can be viewed by clicking here. To learn more about brewing with Kettle Redi hops, email brewingsolutions@barthhaas.de or brewingsolutions@johnihaas.com.