Oregon Fruit Products Launches Canned Fruit Purees For Homebrewers

Known in the commercial brewing industry for its extensive line of fruit purees, Oregon Fruit Products now launches 16 varieties of Canned Fruit Purees packaged for home or small-scale beverage manufacturing market.

This lineup of Canned Fruit Purees will add many options for homebrewers including additional flavor, aroma, and texture of real fruit to beer, wine, spirits, kombucha, soda or any number of fermented or flavored beverages. The purees are now available in shelf-stable 49oz. cans and can be purchased through Country Malt Group.

Here are additional details from today’s press release…

Oregon Fruit has been servicing the craft and commercial brewing industry for over 20 years with its Fruit Purees. The new canned puree line provides homebrewers and beverage makers the same level of quality as larger-scale operators, but in a convenient smaller format and without the work or the worry of introducing inconsistencies that sometimes comes with using fresh or frozen fruit.

According to Chris Hodge, director of sales for fermentation at Oregon Fruit Products, the estimated 1.1 million U.S. homebrewers* will be the initial target market for the puree line. “Homebrewers wield exceptional creativity and imagination when it comes to dreaming up their next beer. However, using fresh or frozen fruit can be tricky because of irregularities in quality and availability. With Canned Purees available year-round, we hope to become part of discerning home brewers’ ingredient supply, keeping high-quality fruit within arm’s reach whenever inspiration strikes.”

Oregon Fruit Canned Fruit Purees consist of real fruit, minimally processed to a smooth texture to ensure the best fresh fruit flavor, aroma, and color. They contain no added sugar or preservatives and are pasteurized and canned for shelf stability for up to 18 months. The new line includes the following purees:

Black Currant
Blood Orange
Dark Sweet Cherry
Pink Guava

Select varieties of Oregon Fruit’s Canned Fruit Purees are now available at Country Malt Group with additional varieties to be released throughout 2021. The product is certified kosher, made in the U.S.A., non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian. Oregon Fruit Products does not use, nor does it allow any of the eight major allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat) in the products or processing areas.

*American Homebrewers Association

Oregon Fruit Products LLC
Founded in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products offers a complete line of canned, frozen and shelf-stable premium fruit for consumers, foodservice operators and ingredient sales. The company is located in Salem, Oregon and can be found on the web at www.oregonfruit.com.