Oregon Fruit Products Releases Dragon Fruit Puree

image of Dragon Fruit Puree courtesy of Oregon Fruit Products

SALEM, ORE. MAY 21, 2021Oregon Fruit Products LLC has launched new Dragon Fruit Puree, the company’s latest seasonal addition to its wide offering of fruit purees for the fermentation market. Lightly fruity in taste and a radiant purple-pink color, this puree features eye-catching color and is ideally suited to blend with more assertive fruits to achieve harmonious tart and sweet notes in the finished beverage.

Dragon fruit is mildly sweet, akin to a pear or kiwi, and pairs well with bold citrus or more acidic tropicals. Oregon Fruit sources red dragon fruit for its vivid magenta flesh, resulting in bright pink and purple brews. Dragon Fruit Puree adds dimension and flair to a variety of beer styles such as lagers, hefeweizens, wheat beers, and fruited sours. It also adds a refreshing exotic touch to kombuchas and seltzers.

Using unsweetened, pure dragon fruit puree puts the creative control into the hands of brewer, says Director of Sales for Fermentation Chris Hodge, who acknowledges that most dragon fruit products are sweetened, contain additives or are lacking in quality. Consistent, shelf-stable Dragon Fruit Puree infuses novelty and whimsy into beverages while ensuring a uniform flavor profile across multiple batches.

Says Hodge: “In an increasingly competitive craft brewing market, brewers are looking for unique ingredients and enhancements that will help them stand out. Dragon Fruit Puree fits the bill perfectly. Plus, who doesn’t love putting the word ‘dragon’ on their label?”

Oregon Fruit Dragon Fruit Puree is now available while supplies last in 42 lb. bag-in-box. Tips for brewing with Oregon Fruit Products’ Fruit for Fermentation are available here.