UC Davis Summer 2021 Brewing Courses Open for Enrollment

Join UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education this spring for a variety of classes in the art and science of brewing. Taught by world-renowned instructors and professionals in the industry, most of these courses are fully online and can be taken from anywhere. For more information or to enroll, visit our website.

Free Online Information Session: Join us for this free online information session to learn more about UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Professional Brewing Programs. Hear from program staff, instructors and alumni about program benefits, requirements and curriculum, and find out which of our program offerings is right for you. Register today and be sure to bring your questions!
April 29 • Free 

Brewing on a Budget: Quality Control: In this course, you will learn the concepts behind essential Quality Control (QC) tests, and how you can set up a lab on a shoestring budget in your home or brewery. Through live, online lecture and small-group case study analysis, you will learn both theory and practical applications of several important beer quality tests. This course will arm you with the knowledge to design a routine testing plan at home or for any size brewery and prepare you to establish a QC lab and start analyzing your own beer.
June 3 • $75

Beer Quality Series: In our beer quality series, taught by, Charles Bamforth, distinguished professor emeritus and senior quality advisor to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, students will learn essential skills and best practices for brewing better beer. Students who successfully complete any of these Beer Quality courses will earn a digital badge, demonstrating their proficiency and advanced education in the subject area.

  • Beer Quality: Quality Systems: Learn how to define quality in beer and brewing at your own pace. This course will teach you how to establish a quality program, whether you are brewing on an international scale or in a bucket. By the end of this course, you will be able to consistently brew a high-quality product that delights the drinker every time. July 5-September 26 • $299
  • Beer Quality: Color and Clarity: Explore the significance of beer appearance and learn how to assess it based on color and turbidity, as well as troubleshoot potential brewing issues. By the end of this course, you will be able to implement your knowledge to achieve the color and clarity that you desire in your beers. July 5-September 26 • $299
  • Beer Quality: Freshness: Examine why flavor stability matters and how changes in beer occur over time. Learn how to assess flavor change using your senses and other scientific methods, how to address raw materials and process in enhancing stability and how to prevent the skunking of beer. By the end of this course, you will be able to achieve flavor stability in your products. July 5-September 26 • $299

Introduction to Practical Brewing: Designed for advanced homebrewers and early career professional brewers, this in-person course gives you access to the amazing resources of the pilot brewery in the state-of-the-art brewing facility at UC Davis. Take what you learn in the classroom and apply it with practical, hands-on brewing and laboratory tests. Go all the way from raw material selection to the quality and stability of the finished beer. A class ale will be brewed, and analyses on barley, malt, hops, yeast, wort and beer will be explored.
August 23-August 26 • $1,400

To see all available courses in brewing, visit UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Brewing website.

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