BeerAdvocate to Debut Beers by BeerAdvocate, a New App for Reviewing Beers

image of screenshot of Beers by BeerAdvocate courtesy of BeerAdvocate
image of screenshot of Beers by BeerAdvocate courtesy of BeerAdvocate

Jumping into the online app game of beer reviews will be BeerAdvocate with its new app, Beers by BeerAdvocate. The online beer review website that dates back to 1986 will join the beer review app craze that was created over eight years ago by Untappd.

In developing Beers by BeerAdvocate over the course of the past year, the online beer ratings website worked with the Portland, Oregon based Heavy Craft in the app’s design. The app will be available as a free download via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

When Beers by BeerAdvocate fully debuts in April, there will be differences to what Untappd offers. When the app goes live, it will be part of the existing BeerAdvocate database of well over 8 million reviews of 400,000 beers from 18,000 breweries worldwide. Unfortunately there’s no mention of the ability to relive your childhood and earn beer badges. Yes, the ones the clog up your social media feeds from all of the tickers out there.

Here are additional details from BeerAdvocate’s press release.

“We’re excited to finally launch the app that our users have been waiting for. Beers will focus exclusively on discovering, reviewing, and tracking beers,” says Todd Alström, founder of BeerAdvocate. “It also brings something to our community that’s been missing: the ability to easily take and share photos of beers as you’re drinking them. I haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet, but I can’t wait to share my first review from the app.”

With Beers by BeerAdvocate, users will be able to review beers, add beers, like and unlike beer reviews, quickly access key details like score, style, and alcohol by volume, share pictures of beers, scan barcodes, and view glassware suggestions. The app will also offer unprecedented new ways to search, sort, and filter brewery beer lists as well as personal beer lists (including performing all three functions simultaneously). Plus, an in-app browser will enable users to view and surf brewery websites without ever leaving the app. Similarly, phone calls to any brewery with a listed number will be possible from within Beers by BeerAdvocate.

Overall, Beers by BeerAdvocate was designed for efficiency and performance. It works with a single bar of signal strength and to a degree will even function offline. Much of the data is stored within the app so in essence, every person who has it installed on their mobile device effectively has a mini version of BeerAdvocate stored locally. And when data is fetched remotely it’s cached locally on a user’s device, which makes loading remote data and images very smooth.

In addition to efficiency and performance, Beers by BeerAdvocate was built to be easy to use with intuitive features that you would expect in an app. For example, on iOS, touching or clicking the toolbar scrolls to the top of the current page, while on Android the app supports using the hardware back button. Last but not least, Beers by BeerAdvocate offers users the ability to browse content and search the app without logging in. So when you eventually decide to enter content like a beer review, you can log in on the user tab without losing the context of what you were doing. The beer or review page you were already looking at will still be there unchanged.

For a chance to beta test the app at the end of March, before it becomes available to the public, join the new Respect Beer Society. To learn about all of the perks and to sign up, visit: