BREWVANA Launches New Tours For 2018

BREWVANA, Portland’s favorite brewery tour guides are expanding its tour offerings as we enter the warmer months of 2018. Beginning on Tuesday, April 17th, BREWVANA will begin to phase out many of its existing tours for a new and exciting offering.

The new tours from BREWVANA will include Pacific Northwest is Best; Coffee, Beer and Donuts; Down to Ferment; and Beers and Barrels.

“We’ve been confusing our customers by offering several different options that are basically the same thing- three to four stop beer tour experiences that only vary slightly in theme,” stated founder Ashley Rose Salvitti in a statement. “I’ve decided to simplify and diversify our options, appealing to a larger audience of people discovering Beer City by including other Portland specialties while doing what we do best more often!”

Here are the details of the new tour line up:

Pacific Northwest is Best 
Days: Tuesdays – Sundays
Start time and duration: 12:40pm, 4.5hrs
Cost: $89/person all inclusive
Description: West coast is the best coast! Visiting 4 breweries that represent the quality and innovation of PNW beer and why Portland has become Beer City USA.

Coffee, Beer and Donuts (CBD for short)
Days: Saturdays (eventually Fridays and Sundays too)
Start time and duration: 9:40pm,  3hrs
Cost: $69/person all inclusive
Description: What could be a better way to explore the coffee & donuts scenes in Portland than to end with craft beer! Visit a roastery, eat donuts and taste beer too!

Down to Ferment (DTF for short)
Days: Fridays (eventually Sundays too)
Start time and duration: 2:40pm, 3.5hrs
Cost: $89/person all inclusive
Description: Zymurgy is the study of fermentation- Portland is all about some fermented beverages. Taste some kombucha, cider and beer on this gluten free tour.

Beers and Barrels 
Days: Saturdays
Start time and duration: 3:40pm, 3.5hr
Cost: $99/person all inclusive
Description: Beer + whiskey = match made in heaven! This tour visits a brewery, distillery and Portland favorite dinner spot for a beer + whiskey pairing dinner.