Crosby Hop Farm – A Time Lapse Video Of The 2017 Hop Growing Season

Crosby Hop Farm picking Amarillo Hops during the 2016 harvest. (photo by Ryan Spencer)

The 2017 hop-growing season has come to an end but to keep in front and center Crosby Hop Farm just released this time-lapse video of this year’s growing season.

Over the course of the six month growing cycle Crosby Hop Farm snapped a photo every 15 minutes in its Sterling hop yard. This video project began in April 2017 and finished in September 2017.

Crosby worked with Resonance Productions to capture the beautiful and explosive growth at the farm. The drone footage was interlaced to create a moving time-lapse effect. On one of the last days of harvest, the drone flew over a Crosby Nugget field positioned next to Champoeg Creek, giving a bird’s eye view of the hops journey to the production facilities and the hop harvest in action.