Design Week Portland – Designing For A Craft Beer Brand

When Design Week Portland (DWP) returns to the Rose City from April 21-29, 2017, a new craft beer event was added to the mix this year. DWP will host Designing For A Craft Beer Brand on Wednesday, April 26 beginning at 4:00pm at The Redd.

The seminar will focus on what it takes to develop and create a successful craft beer brand. This includes everything from developing a brand story, brand values, brand positioning to various ways you can implement design for a beer brand.

Designers that will be part of the panel include the folks behind Hopworks Urban Brewery, Widmer Brothers, and Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery.

Best of all, the event is free. If you plan to attend and would like to ask a question to the panelists, please fill out the questionnaire in advance. Just make sure to register here:

Panel Participants include the following.

Ryan Wheaton – Freelance Designer, Brand & Design Instructor for Oregon State University’s Craft Brewery Startup Workshop

Hopworks Urban Brewery
Eric Steen – Marketing Manager, Hopworks Urban Brewery
Josh Kenyon – Co-Founder & Creative Director at Jolby & Friends
Josh will join Hopworks to discuss their partnership for the last 3 yrs involving taking the brand’s past creative and evolving it through an ever expanding product line. They will focus on where Hopworks started and the changes that were made to the brand’s visuals to give it a new life. Branding projects don’t always get a clean slate and there isn’t always a way or a reason to start over from scratch. The partnership between Jolby & Friends and Hopworks has been about respecting the past and growing into the future.

Widmer Brothers Brewing
Brady Walen – Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Local Craft Brands
Brady has been in-house with Widmer Brothers for over 5 years. He will be covering the evolution of the Widmer Brothers most recent packaging designs, providing an inside look into why certain changes were made and how those changes were designed to strengthen the brands on the shelf. Designing for a larger brand such as Widmer Brothers can come with its own challenges and rules, but Brady will discuss how Widmer Brothers both adheres to brand guidelines and also explores creative expression with special beer releases and other outlets.

Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery
Jason Sturgill – Artist, Illustrator & Designer
Discover how Jason applied his unique illustration style to the Wolves & People label branding. These colorful and artistic labels are not always what would come to mind when you think of a farmhouse brewery brand, but come together to create a strong and unique beer brand.

The Redd (2017 Design Week Portland Headquarters)
831 SE Salmon St.
Portland, OR 97214