Ex Novo Brewing To Host Cicerone BeerSavvy Bootcamp

Ten years ago Ray Daniels founded the Cicerone program as a way of distinguishing the beer knowledge of hospitality professionals. At the time there wasn’t a solid program in place to assist this industry in growing its knowledge base of the every expanding market of craft beer.

Since its inception, the program has evolved to offer four distinct titles. The first being a Certified Beer Server (Level 1) that teaches topics such as the basics on how to properly pour and serve a beer. The next classification is a Certified Cicerone (Level 2) that teaches topics such as how to properly clean a draft system along with matching appropriate glass to beer style. A more recent addition is the Advanced Cicerone (Level 3) that prepares one on topics such as off flavors, filling, safety, and legal issues for growlers, and jockey box setup. The final level is Master Cicerone (Level 4) that tests one’s knowledge on beer and food pairings, designing a draft system along with sensory analysis.

To help one get started in the Cicerone program, it will partner with Ex Novo Brewing to offer its BeerSavvy Bootcamp, a live training for becoming a Certified Beer Server. This course will take place on Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 1:00-5:00pm. The cost is $99.00 and to participate you must register online here: https://www.cicerone.org/us-en/products/beersavvy-bootcamp

BeerSavvy Bootcamp Topics:

  • Learn the difference between taste and flavor
  • Taste different types of malt
  • Smell hops from the US and Europe
  • Taste and study six foundational beer styles
  • Understand the common variations that occur in beer styles
  • See how other styles relate to the core six
  • Learn how to talk about the flavor of any beer with customers
  • Participate in creating flavor descriptions for six classic beers
  • Review proper beer service for bottles and draft
  • Experience a common off flavor caused by poor beer management
  • Learn how to spot a dirty beer glass from across the room

From completing this four-hour training this will assist in boosting your general beer knowledge and prepare one for Certified Beer Server exam. Participants also receive a short book of readings and resources to help them prepare for the Certified Beer Server exam. Combined with the class, this book will prepare individuals to take the exam and join the ranks of more than 90,000 beer professionals who have achieved this certification. (Note: the cost of the class does not include the exam.)