Gracie Nelson & Sarah Perez 2021 Falconer Foundation Siebel Scholarship Recipients

Gracie Nelson has been named a recipient of the 2021 Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Siebel Brewing Scholarship. (image courtesy of Migration Brewing)
Gracie Nelson has been named a recipient of the 2021 Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Siebel Brewing Scholarship. (image courtesy of Migration Brewing)

The recipients of the 2021 Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Siebel Scholarship have been announced. This year’s recipients are Gracie Nelson of Migration Brewing and Sarah Perez of Bleeding Heart Brewery.

The brewing scholarship to the Siebel Institute of Technology from the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation encompasses over half of the United States geography. Both scholarships are for the WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology that takes place in November 202 in Chicago. The Concise Course in Brewing Technology is a two-week intensive program that covers every topic critical to successful brewery operations.

Gracie Nelson began her journey at Migration Brewing two years ago as a delivery driver. From there she was intrigued about the brewing process and transitioned into the brewhouse working her way up to a senior brewing role through her insatiable learning abilities and unbounded enthusiasm.

In the words of a Selection Committee member, “Gracie’s story is of a person consumed by brewing beer and the desire to understand the ‘why’ of the brewing process. Her application reminds us that the passion created by finding brewing can bring together seemingly unrelated talents into unforeseen dreams. Siebel will bolster those talents and take Gracie to the next level of her career.”

“Gracie clearly sets a high standard for herself, demonstrated through a tireless work ethic, enormous integrity, and sunny disposition,” noted another committee member.

Gracie leads by example and through her community involvement, such as with SheBrew, to promote greater inclusion and equality in the craft brewing industry. Summarized by a Selection Committee member, “Gracie is perfectly positioned for the Concise Course with enough brewing experience that the coursework will provide the necessary educational foundation to accelerate her career. And with her positivity, joy of life, and community-orientation, Gracie will undoubtedly be a great teacher and promoter of craft brewing opportunities.”

Sarah Perez - Brewer, Pink Boots Society-Alaska Chapter Lead and Certified Cicerone Beer Server.
Sarah Perez – Brewer, Pink Boots Society-Alaska Chapter Lead and Certified Cicerone Beer Server

After spending a decade home brewing, Sarah Perez decided to take her passion as a career choice and entered professional brewing four years ago. Sarah spent time at Anchorage Brewing before becoming an Associate Brewer and Taproom Manager at Bleeding Heart Brewery in Palmer, Alaska.

“Sarah has remarkable achievements including being the first black female professional brewer in Alaska and has taken that leadership to create the first Pink Boots Society chapter in Alaska” cited a Selection Committee member. “Simply put, leadership, perseverance, and community are words that epitomize Sarah” added another.

Sarah is recognized not only for her creativity and thirst for knowledge in the brewhouse but also for her steadfast dedication to the broader community from teaching sensory beer tasting to moderating panels that support greater diversity in the industry.

“Brewing great beers in something that is not easy but even harder is inspiriting others and infusing them with your passion and dedication,” stated another Selection Committee member. “Keep up the great work, Sarah!”

The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation thanks the incredible Selection Committee for its dedication and energy.  The 2021 Selection Committee consisted of Jamie Floyd (Ninkasi Brewing), John Hannafan (Siebel Institute), John Maier (Rogue Ales), Lisa Morrison (Belmont Station Bottle Shop & Biercafé), and Chris Studach (Cascade Brewers Society).

Wrote a Selection Committee member and representing them all, “Sarah and Gracie both exemplify the determination it takes to rise up to the challenges the course brings and to apply that knowledge and share it with others. They are committed to brewing and to their communities. It is important to point out that two women won the scholarships this time around, but that isn’t unusual for the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation”.

To date, the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation has granted a total of 49 brewing education scholarships and currently offers three scholarships annually. For more information on the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation, our brewing scholarship program, and related activities, visit

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