Hopstories Documents Bastion Brewing Lupulin Cowboy – Fresh Hop Fresh Malt IPA

At 5:30am on September 6, 2017, Bastion Brewing Company began its day at Burlington, Washington airport to begin the initial stages in brewing Lupulin Cowboy – Fresh Hop Fresh Malt IPA. This day long beer adventure was documented by Corvallis based Hopstories.

Once the plane was ready to go, at 7:30am Bastion owner Joe Behan piloted a prop plane with his brewer, Evan Barnett, headed to Aurora, Oregon. Upon landing at the local airport the brewers headed to Crosby Hop Farm in nearby Woodburn, Oregon. Here they gathered freshly picked hops to fly back to brew a special fresh hop beer with.

Joe Behan owner of Bastion Brewing Company and former navy pilot with a box of hops waiting to fly back to Burlington, Washington. (image courtesy of Bastion Brewing Company)

Once this task was completed they traveled back to the Aurora airport to depart with a few boxes of fresh hops. At 1:30pm they were back in the air headed back to Burlington. During this time other brewers from Bastion were picking up malt for local maltster Skagit Valley Malting.

Evan Barnett (brewer) and Joe Behan (owner) of Bastion Brewing Company in a plane loaded with fresh hops from Crosby Hop Farm. (image courtesy of Bastion Brewing Company)

Upon landing in Burlington at 3:30pm they rushed up the road back to the brewery in Anacortes. Then with both fresh hops and fresh malts the brewday began around 4:45pm. Lupulin Cowboy – Fresh Hop Fresh Malt IPA made it into the fermentor by 1:30am the following day.