Yakima Chief – Hopunion Introduces New Cryo Hops Product Line

Commercial – Cryo Hops™ – LupuLN2™

Yakima, WA, USA – February 27, 2017 – Yakima Chief – Hopunion (YCH HOPS®) is pleased to announce a new proprietary product line, Cryo Hops™. The release of this product line includes two revolutionary new hop-products: LupuLN2™ (lupulin hop powder) and Debittered Leaf (low-alpha bract).

Derived from the Greek word ‘kryos’, meaning frost, Cryo Hops utilizes industry-leading, cryogenic hop-processing technology to produce LupuLN2 and Debittered Leaf. Whole hop cones are separated into concentrated lupulin hop powder and low-alpha bract via exposure to extremely low temperatures in a nitrogen-rich production atmosphere, eliminating opportunities for oxidation.


LupuLN2 is the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma, enabling brewers to dose large quantities of hops without introducing astringent flavors or vegetative cone material. LupuLN2 offers twice the resin content of traditional whole-leaf and hop pellet products, and should be dosed at approximately half the amount by weight. During early R&D trials, brewers reported that LupuLN2 noticeably enhances hop aroma and flavor contributions, specifically citing ‘juicy’ and ‘resinous’ characteristics. Brewers also reported an average three to five percent increase in brewery yields due to reduced brewhouse and cellar trub.

Debittered Leaf

Debittered Leaf is the concentrated bract of whole-leaf hops which has been separated from the lupulin glands. It is a high-quality, low-alpha product which retains variety-specific aroma and flavor characteristics and can be derived from any hop brand. The result is an enticing Northwest twist on traditional, low-alpha (noble) hops.

Cryo Hops products are produced in Sunnyside, Washington and are currently available to commercial brewers via YCH HOPS and/or its global distributor partners. LupuLN2 is available in hop powder or pellet form; debittered leaf available in pellets. Cryo Hops products can be contracted for future years beginning with harvest 2017 or immediately purchased on spot. Home brew packaging will be released in Summer 2017.

Product availability includes Cascade, Citra® Brand HBC 394, Columbus (LupuLN2 only), Ekuanot™ Brand HBC 366, Loral™ Brand HBC 291, Mosaic® Brand HBC 369, Palisade® Brand YCR 4 (LupuLN2 only), and Simcoe® Brand YCR 14 brand hops.

To preserve the sensitive resins and oils, Cryo Hops pellets are produced at a mean temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit. This is approximately 30 degrees cooler than average T-90 hop pellet production temperatures at YCH, and significantly cooler than other known pelleting operations.

Homebrew – Cryo Hops™ – LupuLN2™
Homebrew – Cryo Hops™ – Debittered Leaf

Developed by Yakima Chief – Hopunion, Cryo Hops represents the most innovative technology in hop processing. It uses a proprietary cryogenic separation process which preserves all components of each hop fraction, producing two simultaneous co-products, LupuLN2 and Debittered Leaf. Each Cryo Hops product is designed with breweries in mind, enhancing hop flavor and aroma, process efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

About Yakima Chief – Hopunion
Yakima Chief – Hopunion is a 100% grower-owned, global hop supplier focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. The team is driven by a profound appreciation for the earth’s natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers they serve. This creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustainably produced, innovative hop products for beer. From fresh Green Hops®, to whole-leaf hops, Cryo Hops®, hop pellets and Resinate® CO2 hop extract derived products, Yakima Chief – Hopunion is uniquely positioned, and passionate about connecting the world’s finest brewers with family-run hop farms through YCH HOPS.

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