Baerlic Brewing Releases Arctos Winter Ale & WoodWorker Dinosaur Head

Baerlic Brewing releases its Arctos Winter Ale. (photo courtesy of Baerlic Brewing)
Baerlic Brewing releases its Arctos Winter Ale. (photo courtesy of Baerlic Brewing)

Baerlic Brewing has recently released its winter seasonal Arctos Winter Ale and is getting set to release WoodWorker Dinosaur Head. Arctos Winter Ale is currently available in the Portland market in 22 oz. bottles and on draft while WoodWorker Dinosaur Head will see its release on Wednesday, November 23rd.

Arctos Winter Ale Stats:

  • 7.0% ABV
  • India Red Ale (IRA)
  • Exploding with spicy, piney & citrusy hop character
  • Sweet candied malts

As the sun begins to set earlier in the evenings and the air gets that Autumn chill, we embrace the exit of summer—if only for the darker and richer beers ahead. Arctos is designed to fill the void between those big and spiced winter ales of craft beer’s past and the old reliable West Coast IPA. A blend of toasted and crystal malts make for a full mouthfeel while loads of spicy and piney hop character balance a rich finish.


Then on Thanksgiving Eve, Baerlic will release its latest beer in its WoodWorker series at 4:00pm with the tapping of WoodWorker Dinosaur Head. This beer is a mixed fermentation Belgian Pale that is ages on Pluots in French oak for two years.

WoodWorker Dinosaur Head will see a very limited run of 500 mL bottles that are hand bottled, wax-dipped that will cost $12.00 each. Customers can purchase bottles to go with a 2 bottle limit per person. Draft Woodworker Dinosaur Head will only be available in the Baerlic Taproom on draft in very limited quantities.

WoodWorker Dinosaur Head Stats:

  • 6.7% ABV
  • Mixed Fermentation Belgian Pale ale
  • Aged on pluot fruit (plum & apricot hybrid)
  • Aged in French oak on multiple strains of wild yeast and bacteria for 24 months

Nearly as far back as the dinosaurs were marching the earth flat, we brewed a Belgian Pale Ale and tucked it away into a single French oak barrel with pluot fruit and some amazingly tenacious little critters of wild origins. Over time, these critters turned what was once a beer rich in fresh-baked bread crust and peppery spice into a bright and wonderfully sour beer full of rustic notes and agrarian yeast character.


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