Beer List Has Been Unveiled For City of Goses Gose-Style Beer Fest

The beer list for this weekend’s City of Goses Gose-Style Beer Fest has been announced and will feature 27 tart and salted beers. With the temperatures soaring near 90 degrees this weekend the refreshing, low alcohol, lightly salted Goses will be the perfect beverage to get through this heat.

This pun-laden festival will take place on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28. Held in North Portland at Labrewatory, this two-day festival will take place each day from 1:00 to 9:00pm conveniently located a few blocks from the Albina/Mississippi Max station.

City of Goses is an official sanctioned event for the Portland Rose Festival that is presented by local writer Brian Yaeger. The idea for this new festival was originally conceived by local beerlebrity John Lovegrove. He offered up this catchy named festival idea to Brian with a note that read, “Brace yourself…The City of Goses…That totally has a Brian Yaeger Presents feel about it.”

City of Goses Beer List:
(1 ticket unless otherwise noted. Full-pour 4 tix)
Labrewatory – Tepache w/ pineapple
Ecliptic – Zenith w/ Jacobsen salt & grapefruit 4.5% ABV
Ex Novo – Marryin’ Berries w/ raspberry & marionberry 4.8% ABV
Hopworks – Table Manners w/ Jacobsen Lemon Salt and cranberries 4.8% ABV
StormBreaker – Brian Made Us Do It w/ Haleakala Ruby Sea Salt 5.4% ABV
Widmer – Salado Pepino y Tomatillo Gose w/ Bitterman Fleur de Sel and Sel de Gusano + tomatillo, cucumber, lime, coriander 3.8% ABV
Baerlic – Watch the Birdie Gooseberry Gose w/ Jacobsen’s Sea Salt + gooseberry 4.4% ABV
Breakside – Tropical Gose w/ salt-cured plum + lychee & umeboshi 4.7% ABV
Buoy – Benedict Cumberbatch w/ Jacobsen’s Sea Salt + cucumber 4.9% ABV
Burnside – Sakura w/ salt-cured cherry blossoms + salt-cured cherry blossoms 4.9% ABV
Cascade – Summer Gose 2010 w/ Sel Marine 5.5% ABV (2 tix/8 tix)
Coaltion – Two Flowers Gose w/ Pink Himalayan Salt + hemp CBD 5.5% ABV
The Commons – Gose w/ Red Alaea (HI) 4.5% ABV
Culmination – Sauv Blanc Gose w/ Pink Himalayan Salt + Sauvignon Blanc grapes 4.8% ABV
Deschutes – Gose Hollow w/ Pink Himalayan Salt + Hibiscus, yuzu, rose water, jasmine 3.7% ABV
Great Notion – Key Lime Pie Gose w/ sea salt + lime, vanilla beans 5% ABV
Little Beast – Sylvestris w/ Meadow Sel Gris + Pinot Noir grapes 5% ABV (2 tix/8 tix)
Zoiglhaus – Gose 4.8% ABV
Anderson Valley – G&T 4.2% ABV
Bruery Terreux – Goses are Red w/ Grapes 5.3% ABV
Dogfish Head – SeaQuenchAle w/ sea salt + black limes, lime peel 4.9% ABV
Libertine – Ocean Blue w/ Pacific Ocean water 5% ABV (3 tix/no full pours)
Modern Times – Fruitlands w/ guava, passionfruit 5% ABV
Reubens – Gose (2016 GABF gold medal) w/ Fleur de Sel 4.3% ABV
Sierra Nevada – Otra Vez Tamarind w/ tamarind y orange 5.1% ABV
Ritterguts – Gose 4.2% ABV
Bayerischer Bahnhof – Leipziger Rauch Gose “Pineus” w/ Pine needles & Smoke Malt 4.5% ABV

Entry to City of Goses is $20.00 at the door and includes a souvenir glass and six tasting tickets that equates to 24 oz. of beer. Additional tasting tickets will be available for $1.00 each. All but three of the beers will be one (1) ticket per four-ounce sample and four (4) tickets for a 14-ounce pour. For those looking for a non-gose beer, Labrewatory will have a selection of house beers on tap.

City of Goses is all-ages event. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Caldera, the Portland arts organization that serves as a catalyst for the transformation of under served youth through art and environmental programs.

City of Goses Links:
Twitter: @The_CityOfGoses

670 N. Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227