Big Ass Beer Month Returns To Green Dragon

Green Dragon Brew Crew Big Ass Beer Month Poster

Being in the midst of our Pacific Northwest winter, the Green Dragon Brew Crew marks the first month of the year with its annual Big Ass Beer Month. Taking place each and every Wednesday in January, the Green Dragon Brew Crew will tap a new Big Ass Beer at 5:00pm at the Green Dragon Bistro & Pub. This year’s releases will include Descent Into Darkness, The Truth, Andes the Giant, and Descenso del Diablo.

Here are more details on each weekly Big Ass Beer tapping.

Descent Into Darkness – Week 1
Brewed by GDBC
Release: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 5pm

Descent Into Darkness
Built on the back of our standard recipe for Russian Imperial Stout, a recipe that has won numerous competitions and is big, bold, clean and smooth. A multi-day collaboration between several Green Dragon brewers, this dark monster was aged in a Rogue whiskey barrel for two months, then cellared for nearly two years. The full, rich flavor of five malts displays layers of chocolate and vanilla complemented with the subtle flavors of toasted oak and whiskey from the barrel.
ABV: 9.8%
IBU: 62

The Truth – Week 2
Brewed by GDBC
Release: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 5pm

The Truth
The Truth is a huge barleywine which was aged for two months in a Rogue whiskey barrel, then cellared for nearly two years. This beer has the aroma of stone fruit, dark cherries, toffee, honey, and vanilla oakiness. It features flavors of caramel, oak, and roasted malt which are beautifully balanced with a wonderful touch of sweetness in the finish. The Truth has a dark amber color and soft white head reminiscent of a hazy fall sunset. Drink with caution and don’t try to stand up quickly afterwards.
ABV 10%
IBU 62

Andes the Giant – Week 3
Brewed by GDBC with Dave Napack
Release: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 5pm

Andes the Giant
Guest brewer Dave Napack won a homebrewing competition with the PDX Home Brewers Club and was invited to make one of his homebrew recipes with the Green Dragon Brew Crew. Dave wanted to showcase a big, complex flavor and he collaborated with the crew to create Andes the Giant – an amazing, unconventional Belgian Dark Strong ale using Chilean Patagonia Especial Malt.

Andes the Giant is a malty behemoth which matches the beauty and power of the mountains it is named after. This is a wonderfully balanced and deceptively strong beer that showcases the delicate toffee and raisin notes of the especial barley grown and malted in the Chilean Patagonia. The flavor of the especial malt truly highlights the varietal purity, terroir, uniqueness, and traditions of barley malting in Chile.
ABV 9.3%
IBU 22

Descenso del Diablo – Week 4
Brewed by GDBC
Release: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 5pm

Descenso del Diablo
Descenso del Diablo is one very special beer that will take you places that you won’t soon forget. This mammoth Russian Imperial Stout was aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and a variety of locally-grown ancho poblano, jalapeño, and habanero peppers. This beer has layers of rich, complex flavors reminiscent of Mexican chocolate that are well-balanced with an assertive touch of heat in the finish. Tread lightly with this dark beauty or you may find yourself descending into the underworld with the devil at your heels.
ABV 10%
IBU 60

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