Brouwer’s Cafe Announces the 18th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival Draft List

One beer style that refuses to die is barleywine. Over the past few years this beer style has seen its interest wane, but one bar in Seattle still believes that Barleywine Is Life. And this weekend Brouwer’s Cafe will continue its yearly adventure of big beers with its 18th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival that’ll be held from Saturday, February 29th – Sunday, March 1st.

Eighteen years ago Bottleworks hosted the first Hard Liver Festival at the Phinney Ridge Community Center. Since then the festival has move locations and has been taking place at Brouwer’s Cafe for some time now. For 2020, the Hard Liver Fest will feature over 40 barleywines that will interest any fan of this big, bold beer style. Here’s a preview of the stellar taplist…

18th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival Draft List:
Alesmith Bourbon Bbl-Aged Old Numbskull ’16 Barleywine (11%)
Anacortes Old Sebastes ‘17 Barleywine (9.9%)
Big Time Old Wooly ’17 Barleywine (9.9%)
Block 15 Hypnosis ’20 Cognac Bbl-Aged Barleywine (12%)
Boneyard Femur ’20 Barleywine (11%)
Breakside French Quarter ’19 Brandy Bbl-Aged Ryewine (9.9%)
Cloudburst Old Tubthumper Westland Bbl-Aged Barleywine (11.9%)
Ecliptic Barrel-Aged Orange Giant ’16 Barleywine (13.8%)
Elysian Bbl-Aged Cyclops ’19 Barleywine (15%)
Ex Novo Nevermore ’19 BA Barleywine w/ Figs & Cocoa Beans(11.5%)
Firestone Walker Helldorado ’16 Blonde Barleywine
Fremont Brew 3000 Bourbon BA English-Style Barleywine (13.2%)
Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws ’18 Barleywine (11.5%)
J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale 2015 (11.5%)
J.W. Lees Willoughby’s Port Bbl-Aged Harvest Ale (11.5%)
Lost Abbey Bourbon Bbl-Aged Angel’s Share ’15 Barleywine (12.5%)
Machine House Barleywine 2019 Cask (10.5%)
Matchless Ol’ Lifewine ’19 Barleywine (10.9%)
Matchless/North Fork Peated Where Is My Barleywine BA BW (12.7%)
Midnight Sun Arctic Devil ’19 Oak-Aged Barleywine (13.2%)
Midnight Sun Termination Dust BA Belgian-Style Barleywine (13%)
Mikkeller Big Worse Barleywine (12%)
Oakshire Barleywine 2014 (10.4%)
Oakshire Twelve ’18 12th Anniversary Bbl-Aged Barleywine (13.3%)
Old Schoolhouse Brewer’s Reserve ’18 Barleywine (12 %)
Old Stove Castaway ’19 Bourbon Bbl-Aged Barleywine (11%)
Page 24 Cognac Bbl-Aged Barleywine (10.9%)
pFriem Sherry Bbl-Aged Blonde Barleywine 2019(13.5%)
Pike Old Bawdy ’16 Barleywine (9.9%)
Reuben’s Brews Three Ryes Men ’18 Bbl-Aged Barleywine (12.2%)
Seven Seas Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine 2019 (10.8%)
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot ’14 Barleywine (9.6%)
Skookum Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Crown BA Barleywine(13%)
Skookum In Ruins Bbl-Aged English Barleywine (12%)
Standard Flight of the Centaur Bourbon BA Barleywine (11.5%)
Stickmen Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Ryewine 2017(10.6%)
The Bruery White Oak Bourbon Bbl-Aged Wheatwine (12.5%)
Three Magnets Old Skook ’18 Barleywine (12.1%)
Upright Barleywine 2020 (9.5%)
Varietal/Skookum Sovereign of Nockmaar BA Barleywine (13.8%)
Wander 3 Ton ’19 Bourbon BA Barleywine Blend (12.3%)

image courtesy of Brouwer's Cafe
image courtesy of Brouwer’s Cafe

Barleywines will be available in 4oz and 8oz pours. Just make sure to hydrate regularly as these barleywines are some big beers!

Brouwer’s Cafe
400 N 35th St.

Seattle, WA 98103