Cascadian Cribbage Club Kicks Off Its Weekly Tuesday Night Residency

Cascadian Cribbage Club at The BeerMongers. (photo by Angelo De Ieso)
Cascadian Cribbage Club at The BeerMongers. (photo by Sean Campbell)

A new weekly Tuesday night residency will kick off tonight at The BeerMongers with its Cascadian Cribbage Club. Beginning each Tuesday evening at 6:00pm, Cascadian Cribbage Club will feature a night of playing the time honored game of Cribbage.

According to Bicycle Cards here’s a brief synopsis on the game Cribbage.

Cribbage evolved from an earlier English game called “Noddy,” and the man credited with inventing it is Sir John Suckling, a wealthy English poet. Cribbage affords players both the anticipation of the luck of the deal as well as ample opportunity to exercise their skills in discarding and play.

One of the novel features of Cribbage is that a Cribbage board is used for scoring rather than the usual pencil and paper. The rectangular wooden board is equipped with holes that accommodate pegs. The board speeds up scoring, and in this fast-moving game, pegging greatly reduces the chances for errors in computing scores.

If your knowledge on Cribbage is a bit rusty here’s a link to the rules complements of Bicycle Cards.

For the inaugural week of the Cascadian Cribbage Club, the night’s featured brewery is Ordnance Brewing from Boardman, Oregon. Game boards will be available but bring your own if you have one. Plus some great prizes will be given out during the evening’s fun.

A portion of the funds will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on behalf of Team in Training!

The BeerMongers
1125 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97202