Ecliptic Brewing 2019 Orange Giant Barleywine Release Party

When winter officially arrives on Saturday, Ecliptic Brewing will be releasing one of its boldest beers to get us through the cooler days that still await us. The North Portland brewer will host its 2019 Orange Giant Barleywine Release Party on Saturday, December 21st from 11:00am-11:00pm.

This year marks the sixth year that Ecliptic Brewing has released Orange Giant Barleywine. Though the packaged bottle size has decreased from a 22oz bottle to more manageable 500mL bottle, this 12.5% barleywine is always a highlight of ours each year.

2019 Orange Giant Barleywine will be available on tap and in 500mL bottles to go. Ecliptic will also be selling a very limited amount of Orange Giant Barleywine Gift Packs.

Special Edition Orange Giant Barleywine Gift Packs:
2015 Orange Giant Barleywine (22oz)
2016 Orange Giant Barleywine (22oz)
2018 Orange Giant Barleywine (500ml)
2019 Orange Giant Barleywine (500ml)

These Orange Giant Barleywine Gift Packs will cost $25.00, with a limit of one per customer. The Gift Pack is very limted as only a dozen will be available for sale. Ecliptic will also be selling individual to-go bottles of 2016, 2018 and 2019 Orange Giant Barleywine. The only way to purchase the 2015 Orange Giant Barleywine is by purchasing the Gift Pack.

In addition to 2019 Orange Giant Barleywine on tap. Ecliptic will also be serving a rare keg of Ecliptic + Belmont Station Barleywine.

“Our house barleywine, Orange Giant, is an American one. American barleywines have more hop bitterness and aroma. English versions bring up a bit more caramel and malty flavors,” said John Harris, Ecliptic Brewing’s Owner/Brewmaster, in a prepared statement. “This barleywine was brewed to celebrate the 19th anniversary of Belmont Station. Belmont Station is a star visible to the naked eye here on Earth, near the Cassiopeia and Lacerta constellations. Belmont Station also is a star in the craft beer galaxy and has been Portland’s premier beer destination since it first opened in 1997. All of this beer was laid into barrels for aging, except this one keg. This is the only un-barreled aged keg in existence! Come try this four-year-old, aged-in-keg, English-inspired Barleywine.”

Ecliptic Brewing
825 N Cook St.
Portland, OR 97227