Everybody’s Brewing Releases Mountain Mama Citra Pale Ale In Cans

image of Mountain Mama Citra Pale Ale courtesy of Everybody's Brewing
image of Mountain Mama Citra Pale Ale courtesy of Everybody’s Brewing

Out in White Salmon, Washington, Everybody’s Brewing is continuing the build out on its new brewpub that will move just east of its existing location later this year. Prior to doing so Everybody’s Brewing is set to release its next beer to its lineup of canned offerings as a year-round release.

On Friday, March 16th, Everybody’s Brewing will release Mountain Mama Citra Pale Ale in 12-ounce cans. This beer comes in at 5.6% ABV, and 55 IBUs with at hop profile that is led by Citra, in addition to Cascade and CTZ for bittering. The release party will take place at Volcanic Bottle Shoppe in Hood River from 5-8pm on Friday, March 16th.

Here are additional details from Everybody’s Brewing press release…

Mountain Mama’s Citra-forward recipe gives it a juicy aroma and flavor, with thirst-quenching citrus flavor. Rolled oats are used in the grain bill, which adds body and gives the brew a silky mouthfeel. They were given permission by Yakima Chief – Hopunion to use the word “Citra” in the name, as it is a proprietary hop grown by the farm.

Choosing which beer to package for year-round distribution is a big decision for a brewery, but they are confident in Mountain Mama. Owner/Brewmaster Doug Ellenberger said they carefully considered current market trends. “We see a lot of things coming full circle. IPAs are still king, but a lot of consumers want a juicy IPA flavor with a lower ABV, so they can enjoy more of them. It makes a Pale the perfect style for a can.” Six packs will first hit the shelves of local bottle shops and small grocery stores, and rollout into major chain stores is expected by the start of this summer.

Just five years ago, Ellenberger found his brewery on the leading edge of a different market trend: craft beer in a can. At that time, glass bottles were the preferred package type, and almost no one was using cans. Everybody’s Country Boy IPA helped pave the way for what is now commonplace: IPA in a can. When mentioned as a trendsetter, Ellenberger is humble, “Yeah, we were early adopters, but it just made sense. It’s better for the beer, the consumer, and the environment. I’ve loved canned beer since I was a kid, so I couldn’t wait to put our IPA in a can. Now everyone is doing it, and I couldn’t be happier about it.” The new Citra-Pale will join their current can lineup of Country Boy IPA, and Local Logger Lager.

Mountain Mama was originally brewed exclusively for Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort. It’s overwhelming popularity and positive reviews made it the clear choice to put in a can. “The Citra Hops we got this year from Yakima Chief – Hop Union were so flavorful and bright; they really make this beer pop. Getting first hop selection is an honor, and you can taste the difference. It’s got a huge aroma, and clean finish,” said Head Brewer, Adam McClure.

The beer is named Mountain Mama in honor of co-founder of the brewery, Christine Ellenberger, who graduated from West Virginia University, where she was a whitewater rafting guide and kayaker. A true outdoors-woman, her love of snowboarding and rivers brought her to the Northwest, which inspired Doug to give her the nickname Mountain Mama. “She’s the heart and soul behind this brewery. We wanted the artwork on the can to represent what a strong and amazing woman she is”, said Doug. “We hope to see lots of people celebrating with us at Volcanic on Friday.”