Fat Head’s Brewery Portland 3rd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary Tap List courtesy of Fat Head’s Brewery – Portland

Three years ago the unthinkable happened, an Ohio brewery moved into our beloved city of Portland. Leading up to it there were rumblings about how an out of state brewer would not succeed in our local focus city. We say this tongue in cheek since we knew the high quality of beer this brewery has been known to brew and the various awards prove just this. It was no surprise to us that in its first three years Fat Head’s Brewery has become a must visit brewpub in the Rose City.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Fat Head’s will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary in Portland’s Pearl District. Just as in year’s past Fat Head’s will be rolling out the barrels, well barrel-aged beers that is. The beer list looks fantastic. And if there is any other way to make this 3rd Anniversary any better it would be to offer up happy hour all day long!

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When it comes to the barrel-aged beers Fat Head’s will be tapping one barrel of each for its third anniversary. Here’s a sneak peek.

Third Anniversary Barrel Aged Beer Lineup:
Manhattan Zeus Juice
Bourbon BA Bean Me Up
Gnome of Doom
Nochino Pimp My Sleigh
Indio Pimp My Sleigh
Starka Grapefruit Hefe
Rum Russian Imperial Stout
Rye Battle Axe
Bourbon BA Blitzkrieg Bock
Starka Belgian IPA
Cognac Russian Imperial Stout
Owens’s Resurrection
Redwine Peach Cinnamon Saison
Mellowcorn Zeus Juice
Rye Up in Smoke
Rum Up in Smoke
Sherry Barleywine

Earlier this year Fat Head’s original brewer Michael Hunsaker (left) departed the brewery to work on his new project, Grains of Wrath, and he handed over the reigns to Eric Van Tassel. This transition proved to be flawless.

Crowlers To-Go Day. Yes, every Wednesday until November 29th this deal will be in effect for all house beer, of course some exclusions apply such as barrel-aged beers, nitro and a few other rare varieties.

Fat Head’s Brewery – Portland
131 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209