Hawthorne Hophouse 2019 IPA Challenge Reveal Party

Kick off the month of February at Hawthorne Hophouse as it hosts its 2019 IPA Challenge Reveal Party. At 6:00pm on Friday, February 1st, Hawthorne Hophouse will reveal the best brewed IPA in Oregon and offer $4.00 pints and $12 pitchers!

During the month of January, Hawthorne Hophouse hosted its annual IPA Challenge that pits 12 of Oregon’s best brewed IPAs against one another in a bind taste test. Today is the last day to visit to cast your vote after ordering a 12 IPA Taster Tray.

2019 IPA Challenge Finalists:
Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack IPA
Boneyard RPM IPA
Breakside Stay West IPA
Buoy IPA
Crux Give Me Mo IPA
Culmination Phaedrus IPA
Ex Novo IPA
Fort George Vortex IPA
Gigantic IPA
Migration Straight Outta Portland IPA
pFriem IPA
Sunriver Vicious Mosquito IPA

During the first half of January, Hawthorne Hophouse had all participants guess all 12 IPAs blindly. One person recorded a score of 7 out of 12. Then during the latter half of January, the bar provided a little hint as it announced which beers were on each taster tray. Now there were a handful of scores above six with one person, Matt Gray hitting 10 out of 12.

Today is the last day to enter, so don’t delay or just swing by on Friday for a selection of IPAs for only $4.00 a pint!

Hawthorne Hophouse
4111 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR  97214-5245