Hopworks Urban Brewery To Launch Three New Beers At Loyal Legion

Hopworks Urban Brewery is set to release three new beers this week. On Thursday, March 16th from 6:00-8:00pm, HUB will launch HUB Pilsner, Ferocious Citrus IPA, and Organic Wave Train Vienna-Style Amber Ale at Loyal Legion.

Listed below are descriptions of each of the three new beers provide to us from HUB.

Ferocious Citrus IPA – Hazy and crazy IPA showcasing a citrus bouquet from organic hops and grapefruit juice. Brewed with spring wheat from Twin Oaks Farm on San Juan Island for a bigger body and signature wheat haze.

Wave Train – Vienna-style Amber Ale inspired by the magnificent waterways of the Pacific Northwest. Crushable, delicious, and 1% of the proceeds of this beer benefit the protection of clean water, rivers, and watersheds.

HUB Pilsner – The new HUB Lager received a makeover. Our new fermentation process makes this Pilsner crisper and cleaner than ever before with the same spicy hoppiness that balances delicate honey malt flavors.

Loyal Legion
710 SE 6th Ave.
Portland, OR