Horse Brass Pub To Celebrate Its 39th Year

Horse Brass Pub (photo courtesy of the Horse Brass Facebook Page)
Horse Brass Pub (photo courtesy of the Horse Brass Facebook Page)

Two brothers, Don and Bill Younger purchased the Horse Brass Pub, as it’s known today, back on November 1, 1976. Through the years, the Horse Brass Pub became an institution here in Portland that helped usher in the then microbrew movement that later became the craft beer movement. We owe a lot of gratitude to Don Younger and what he assisted in ushering in that some of us take for granted today.

Now 39 years later the Horse Brass Pub continues on without the beloved founder and on Sunday, November 1st, we will all raise a glass to Don and his brother Bill in celebrating the Horse Brass Pub and its 39th Anniversary. The Brass will be celebrating all weekend long with some exceptional beers that will be pouring as early as Friday, October 30th.

One such beer brewed especially for the Horse Brass’ 39th Anniversary is from Fort George Brewery in Astoria, Oregon. Brewed by well-known brothers, Chris “King C” Ensign, Horse Brass Bartender, and Tim Ensign, sales manager at Fort George Brewery, the two collaborated on Hot Shit Hops IPA. This IPA was brewed on Fort George’s Sweet Virginia pub system and features ample doses of Chinook, Centennial, Mosaic, and Citra hops. We would expect no less from these two!

Brothers in Beer, Chris "King C" Ensign and Tim Ensign (photo by Angelo De Ieso)
Brothers in Beer, Chris “King C” Ensign and Tim Ensign (photo by Angelo De Ieso)

Here’s a list of the other beers that will be pouring for the anniversary.

  • Agrarian Ales: Cucurbita Maxima
  • Agrarian Ales: Kashyyyk Hoppy Black Ale
  • Alaskan Ales: 2009 Smoked Porter
  • Baerlic Brewing: Iniquitous Russian Imperial Stout
  • Base Camp Brewing: Eagle Cap Lager
  • Bear Republic: Brandy Barrel Aged Grizz
  • Bison Brewing: The Tramp Belgian Triple
  • Boneyard Brewing: Notorious Triple IPA
  • Buoy Beer Co.: Black Currant Weiss
  • Carlton Cyderworks: Slake Barrel Aged Cider
  • Deschutes Brewery: 2009 Abyss
  • Double Mountain: 2013 Black Pearl
  • Double Mountain: Pêche Mode, Belgian Style Sour Ale w/Peaches
  • Ex Novo Brewing: Barrel Aged Porter
  • Gigantic Brewing: Old man Gower’s Winter Trippel Ale
  • Laurelwood Brewery: Pinot Noir Barrel IMP Stout
  • Migration Brewing: Barrel Aged Winter Wendigo
  • Oakshire Brewing: Stone Free Cranberry Ginger Wild Ale
  • Rouge Ales: Imperial YSB
  • Russian River: Consecration Sour
  • Russian River: Suplication Sour
  • Sierra Nevada: Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Ale
  • Sierra Nevada: Ovila
  • Widmer Bro. Brewing: Gentleman’s Club
  • Wild Ride Brewing & Breakside Brewing Collaboration: Solidarity
  • Stone Brewing: Your Father Smelt of Elderberry, English Old Ale

And remember to ponder the great words of Don Younger, “It’s not about the beer, it’s about the beer.”

Horse Brass Pub

Horse Brass Pub
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