Kells Brewery Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With Fresh Hop Beers

Kells Brewery tap handles. (image courtesy of Kells Brewery)

With a long history in its Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub business well established, five years ago Kells launched Kells Brew Pub in 2012. Earlier this year it was rebranded to Kells Brewery. On Saturday, September 23rd, Kells Brewery will celebrate its Five Year Anniversary with a day’s worth of festivities.

Beginning at 3:00pm Kells Brewery will host live music, a Rose City Futsal arena in the parking lot, discounts on the newly released Kells IPA six-packs, and the debut of Kells’ two new fresh hop beers, one of which will feature hops freshly picked from bines at the Kells Farm in Wilsonville, Oregon.

A year ago Kells planted a quarter-acre test plot of hops that includes Chinook, Cascade and Centennial varietals. According to head brewer Garrett McAleese in a statement, “The goal is to grow one acre of the best yielding varietal while continuing to grow others in the test plot; we plan on eventually using the hops in our IPA year round.”

Hops growing at Kells Brewery’s farm. (image courtesy of Kells Brewery)

This week on Wednesday, September 13th Kells will be bringing the bines back to Kells Brewery and is inviting the community to assist in picking the hop cones from the hop bines. Beginning at Noon, the first five buckets filled with hop cones will be rewarded with a six-pack of Kells IPA that will debut in 12 ounce cans to the public the following day.

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The hops being picked at Kells Brewery will be added to two fresh hop beers that will debut at the Fifth Anniversary Celebration a week later. This includes including Amarillo Kölsch on tap and the Kells Farm-Hopped Cascadian Dark Lager poured off the zwickle.

The celebration will also let soccer fans play pick up games in the Rose City Futsal portable arena in the parking lot. At 7 p.m., owner Gerard McAleese and lead brewer and pub manager Garrett McAleese will raise a toast in honor of the occasion. And local singer/songwriter Jordan Harris will round out the evening with live music in the pub from 9 p.m. to Midnight.

The Kells Brewery Fifth Anniversary Celebration is free and open to all ages.

Kells Brewery
201 NW 21st Ave.
Portland, OR