Meet the Elysian Brewers and Foosball Tournament

Elysian Fossball Poster

Being here in the Pacific Northwest soccer is a much more popular sport that in other regions of our nation. On Monday, April 4, Elysian Brewing will host a “friendly” game of Foosball, or that can be occasionally known as Fuβball, at Bridgetown Beerhouse when a few of Elysian’s brewers will be here in Portland visiting from Seattle. Meet the Elysian Brewers and Fuβball Tournament will take place from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

Elysian Brewing’s Seattle’s starting line up will be the following:

  • Lead innovative brewer from Capitol Hill, Kevin “Bend It Like” Watson
  • Brewer at Capitol Hill, Ben “The Artist Formally Known as Deuce” Cox
  • Brewer at Airport Way, Phil “Rocket Phil-nado” Holden
  • Special guest appearances from some benchwarmers that make up Elysian’s Sales and Marketing Team

Oregon Brewshed® Alliance

Beyond sampling some of Elysian’s new beers, this foosball “competition” will be a fundraiser for Oregon Brewshed Alliance. This regional organization is a non-profit committed to protecting forests, wild lands, and watersheds. Protecting and restoring Brewsheds in the Pacific Northwest is essential in providing breweries with the purest, best-tasting water used in our region’s beers.

Bridgetown Beerhouse
915 N Shaver St.
Portland, OR 97227