Melvin Brewing vs. The World at Roscoe’s

Melvin Brewing

A year ago Roscoe’s hosted an evening featuring beers from Melvin Brewing out of Jackson, Wyoming. This year Roscoe’s will be doing the same as they host Melvin Brewing vs. The World on Monday, June 15th for a special Beer Summit from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

For Melvin Brewing vs. The World, the draft lineup of IPAs will be insane. The beer list so far includes:

Melvin Brewing

  • 2×4 IPA
  • Melvin IPA
  • Morris IPA
  • Drunken Master IIPA

Barley Brown’s Brew Pub

  • Ratchet Strap IPA

Boneyard Beer

  • Notorious
  • White Knuckle IPA

Barley Brown’s / Boneyard / Melvin

  • Three-Headed Hop Monster
Boneyard Beer, Melving Brewing and Barley Brown's at Brouwer's Cafe
Boneyard Beer, Melving Brewing and Barley Brown’s at Brouwer’s Cafe

Russian River Brewing

  • Pliny the Elder

Siren Craft Brew

  • Limoncello IPA

Breakside Brewing and Fremont Brewing

  • Back to the Future IPA

As per usual, with this many tasty IPAs, Roscoe’s will be offering taster trays so one can sample many of these hoppy delights!

8105 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97215