Orenco Taphouse to host Hop Slammed! IPA Festival

Hops will reign supreme on Saturday in Hillsboro at Orenco Taphouse as it host’s Hop Slammed! IPA Festival. For twelve hours beginning at Noon on Saturday, September 28th, the taps will change over to all hop forward beers including fresh hops, hazy, imperial and filtered IPAs.

Here’s a preview of what to expect at Orenco Taphouse on Saturday…

Hop Slammed! Beer List:
Barley Brown’s Fresh Hop Pallet Jack
Ruse Seed & Soul
Sunriver Double Dank
Great Notion Fresh Hop Ripe
G.O.W. Repentless
Narrow Gauge DDH Hoppy Meal
Fremont Simcoe/Cenn. F2F FH
Great Notion GGG
Fair Stars Mirror Universe
pFriem Fresh Hop IPA
Claim 52 Danker Things
Chapman Bitterness Engaded
Fort George Skies Of Wonder Erotic City
Outter Range Whipper
Great Notion Headband
Revision Reno As Fuck
Fieldwork Boss of the Plains
Offshoot Retreat
Cascade Fresh Wishes
Great Notion Strawberry Taffy
Outter Range In the Steep

And remember, Orenco Taphouse is located along the MAX Blue Line at the Orenco Station MAX Stop.

Orenco Taphouse 
1198 NE Orenco Station Parkway 
Hillsboro, OR 97124