Portland’s Humble Brewing To Cease Operations


After a 5-year run Chad Freitag and Scott Davis of Humble Brewing have decided to step down from its professional brewing and go back to the ranks of home brewing. Founded in 2011 as a nano brewery, Humble never gained the traction or the desire to move out of its 1.5-barrel size to compete on a larger scale. Now 177 batches in, Humble Brewing will be features at this weekend’s Nano Beer Fest on April 9-10, and at Bridgetown Beerhouse on April 15.

During the course of its first year brewing, Humble Brewing won the title as “Oregon’s Smallest Brewery” after producing only 0.50 barrels of beer. During its history, its largest year was in 2014 when it produced 28 barrels of beer. This was the year that Humble Brewing saw its beer featured at a capacity crowd at The Art & Beer: The Drunken Cobbler. This past year Humble Brewing produced 16.50 barrels according to the OLCC Taxable Barrels of Malt Beverages Report.

Humble Brewing Batch 177 IIPA. (image courtesy of Humble Brewing)
Humble Brewing Batch 177 IIPA. (image courtesy of Humble Brewing)

But prior to completely leaving the professional brewing scene, Humble Brewing will host Humble’s Last Bash! on Friday, April 15 at Bridgetown Beerhouse. The event will feature Batch #177 that was its last beer brewed. Other beers to be featured for the very last time include ~9% IIPA, Coffee Porter, and its best selling beer, Saaz Saison. The evening’s festivities kick off at 6:30pm.