The Return of Kwaktoberfest

Kwaktoberfest Beer Flight at Bazi (photo by D.J. Paul)
Kwaktoberfest Beer Flight at Bazi (photo by D.J. Paul)

As we countdown the days remaining in October, Bazi Bierbrasserie will close out the last Friday of the month with its annual Kwaktoberfest celebration. From 5:00 to 10:00pm on Friday, October 30th, Bazi will be pouring a taster tray that will feature Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet and DeuS all three from Bosteels Brewery.

For the tasting Bazi will be serving this three beer flight of 5 oz pours of each beer along with a Kwak tasting glass all for $15.00. Best of all one lucky winner will take home a Quattro (4-Kwak tasting tray). Raffles with lots of swag gear will take place every top of the hour.


Here are the beer descriptions that Bazi provided.

DeuS undergoes a lengthy, costly maturation in the Champagne caves of France. The elegant and labor-intensive “methode Champenoise” produces the best sparkling beverages in the world. DeuS has characteristics of both sparkling wine (fine, velvety carbonation) and specialty beer (rich maltiness) but also exhibits a fragrant, herbal and spicy character quite unique and special. Flavors of anise, mint, malt, lavender, and a barely perceptible hoppiness make DeuS a very sophisticated treat. Only available in 750 ml bottles.

Kwak is rich amber in color with a slightly sweet, generously malty character. Hops are subdued, but present a well-considered balance with the juicy ripeness of grain and a fruity, meringue softness.

Brewed with oats, barley and wheat, Tripel Karmeliet has soft, full, rich grain character with hints of banana, vanilla, and a slight, pleasing bubble-gum aroma. A restrained hop bitterness offers perfect balance and a gentle counterpart to its substantial maltiness. World’s Best Ale 2008.

Bazi Bierbrasserie
1522 SE 32nd Ave
Portland, OR