Tin Bucket Hosts EvilTwin vs. Mikkeller

EvilTwin vs. Mikkeller (image courtesy of The Roundhouse - Taproom Facebook Page)
EvilTwin vs. Mikkeller (image courtesy of The Roundhouse – Taproom Facebook Page)

What happens when you pit two well-known and highly regarded breweries against one another? On Friday, February 19, Tin Bucket will host EvilTwin vs. Mikkeller event. The folks at Tin Bucket have been stashing some rare kegs and bottles for quite some time so that they could properly put on this event.

Beginning at 6:00pm Tin Bucket will have 17 kegs on draft from both EvilTwin and Mikkeller along with 20+ varieties in bottles for sale.

Here’s the Draft List for EvilTwin vs. Mikkeller.

EvilTwin Kegs:

  • I Love You with My Stout
  • Christmas Eve At A NYC Hotel Room
  • Geyser Gose
  • From Amager With Love
  • Ryan and The Gosling
  • James Beer
  • Soft DK
  • Joey Pepper
  • Bozo

Mikkeller Kegs:

  • Vanilla Sky
  • Spontaneous Apricot
  • Wheat Is The New Hops
  • Simcoe IIPA
  • Chinese Food
  • Black Grand Marnier
  • Black Sauternes
  • Spontaneous Peach

Here’s the bottle list for EvilTwin vs. Mikkeller.


  • Even More Chili Jesus
  • Even More Cognac Jesus
  • Perfect Nose Cognac
  • Cafe Jesus
  • Freud Slip
  • Lil B
  • Soft DK
  • Femme Fatale Brett
  • Joey Pepper
  • Amager With Love

Mikkeller Bottles:

  • TFV Cognac
  • TFV Tequila
  • Citra IPA
  • Alive US
  • TFV Brandy
  • Barrel Aged Chipotle
  • Overall
  • Yuzu Porter
  • Wheat is The New
  • Hoppy Berliner

This will be one amazing evening celebrating both EvilTwin and Mikkeller.

Tin Bucket
3520 N Williams Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

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