Bear Republic Brewing To Raise Funds For Sonoma County Fire Victims

image of the brewery’s owners courtesy of Bear Republic Brewing

Residents of Sonoma County in Northern California have been dealing with a massive fire that swept through the area killing at least 31 people, many being elderly individuals. The fire’s wrath has consumed over 2,800 homes and over 400K square feet of commercial space. Its quite devastating.

Knowing that the death toll and hardship from this fire will continue to rise, Bear Republic Brewing is stepping up to raise money for the fire victims from the brewery’s region. The Healdsburg, California based brewer will be donating 0.50 cents on every case of beer sold, for the next 30 days, to raise funds to help those affected by the devastating Sonoma County Fires.

Since a number of the brewery’s employees and family members have lost their homes and have little to rely on Bear Republic is also reaching out to its wholesalers. It is also asking for its support through matching funds up to 0.50 cents per case or a one-time donation.

Bear Republic has also been serving free meals to the first responders that have been involved in the local fires.

As far as we can tell from checking the news the breweries in the area are still intact. We did read the fire came within a block of Moonlight Brewing but so far the brewery is still intact.