Elysian Brewing Supports Music with Keep Music Live IPA

Elysian Brewing supports music with Keep Music Live IPA, Elysian & Rolling Stone Lager, and Def Leppard Pale.
Elysian Brewing supports music with Keep Music Live IPA, Elysian & Rolling Stone Lager, and Def Leppard Pale.

One of the activities that we sorely miss during this ongoing pandemic is catching live music. The end seems to be in sight but is likely to be many months away. And when we finally do come out of this on the other side, how many live music venues will be around to open its stage to bands?

To assist these small, independent live music venues in Washington State, Elysian Brewing has released Keep Music Live IPA. The net proceeds from the sales of this fundraising IPA will be donated to support these independent live music venues of under 1,000 capacity within the Evergreen State.

Elysian has supported live music through the years. David Buhler, one of the three co-founders of Elysian Brewing, is known to perform on guitar from time to time. He event took that stage during Sub Pop Records Silver Jubilee daylong festival in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

Elysian Brewing Headliners - Elysian & Rolling Stone Lager, Keep Music Live IPA, and Def Leppard Pale

For the Keep Music Live IPA fundraising effort Elysian Brewing has partnered with Keep Music Live, a Washington State based organization assisting in a COVD-19 relief fundraising campaign. Keep Music Live is raising money to assist venues at greatest risk of permanently closing. Without financial support, many are at risk of permanently closing.

“Our partnership with Elysian Brewing is an amazing collaboration, and we are grateful to have them as a supporter of Keep Music Live.” said Manny Cawaling, Board President of Keep Music Live. Learn more about Keep Music Live and their quest to raise $10MM here: https://keepmusiclivewa.com.

“Elysian has supported and been inspired by music and musicians since our beginning,” Joe Bisacca, co-founder of Elysian Brewing. “We all miss live music – including the shows we would regularly host at our Capitol Hill and Elysian Fields locations. We are proud to be part of Keep Music Live and help support Washington’s small, independent music venues so they avoid permanent closure.”

Onto the beer, Keep Music Live IPA is standard IPA that leans towards a drinkable West Coast style at 6.5% ABV and 50 IBUs. It’s full of grapefruit and pine notes with medium body. Keep Music Live IPA is brewed with 2-Row, Vienna, Dextra Pils, Red Wheat, and C-77 Malts. The hop bill consists of Cascade, Eureka, and Willamette Hops in the whirlpool as Chinnok Hops were added for bittering.

Keep Music Live IPA is a limited release beer in 6-pack, 12oz bottles. The beer can be purchases at Elysian’s Capitol Hill pub, its Georgetown Taproom and local grocery stores.

image of Def Leppard Pale courtesy of Elysian Brewing
image of Def Leppard Pale courtesy of Elysian Brewing

Keep Music Live IPA isn’t the only music related beer that is now available from Elysian Brewing as the brewery has also re-released Def Leppard Pale and continues to brew Elysian Rolling Stone Lager.

A few years back Elysian partnered with the heavy metal band Def Leppard on Def Leppard Pale to commemorate the band’s world tour that year. This beer resonated really well with the Elysian community but also with the band and its fans. Now the Seattle brewer has returned with the beer and packaging that pays homage to the band’s 20 million selling album Hysteria and its accompanying artwork.

Def Leppard Pale pours an amber color as it offers up citrus and pine notes that carries on through its flavor profile for a nice approachable Pale Ale at 6.0% ABV and 37 IBUs. Nothing complicated as it’s brewed with Premium 2-Row, Munich, and Carahelll Malts and Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe, and Magnum Hops.

Def Leppard Pale Ale is brewed locally in Seattle and is distributed regionally in 12oz bottles, 16oz cans, and on draft for a limited time.

Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is brewed with Pilsner, CaraFoam, and CaraBohemian malts and Cascade, Crystal, Mandarina, and Bavaria hops. This co-branded lager sits at 4.8% ABV and 47 IBUs as it offers a nice crisp, refreshing taste. The lager pours a clear golden color and offers a modest hop profile on their take of a classic lager. It’d be the perfect beer while catching some live music, something that we currently can only envision during these strange times.

Elysian Brewing and Rolling Stone collaborate on Elysian Rolling Stone Lager.
Elysian Brewing and Rolling Stone collaborate on Elysian Rolling Stone Lager.

“Like a musician creating a timeless masterpiece, we took our time with this brew to perfect a beer that pays homage to the indescribable emotions that only music can evoke,” said Josh Waldman, Elysian Brewmaster. “Essentially, we wanted to create a beer you’d want to drink when you jam out.”

Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is available in 12oz and 16oz cans. It is also available on tap nationwide.