Montucky Cold Snacks Releases Limited Can to Celebrate Pride Month

Montucky Cold Snacks Pride Cans
Montucky Cold Snacks Pride Can display at Zupans on West Burnside in Portland, Oregon.

Trendy Montucky Cold Snacks has just released a limited edition Pride can to help raise money for the Lifelong Aids Alliance. Since its inception in Bozeman, Montana back in 2011, founders Jeremy Gregory and Chad Zeitner pledged to donate 8% of Montucky’s annual income back into local charities.

Since June is Pride Month, Montucky decided to help support a cause that is doing some positive work in the community. Lifelong Aids Alliance is the leading community health organization that serves people with chronic illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, in Western Washington. Show your #ColdSnackPride and support the fight against HIV/AIDS while celebrating the most colorful month of the year!

“Since our conception, Montucky Cold Snacks has been committed to giving 8% of its profits back to charities and nonprofits in the areas that support it. In the spirit of this core value, we have created a special edition PRIDE can that celebrate LGBTQ communities while giving all 8% of profits from the sale of these cans to LGBTQ organizations.  As always, it’s a little something we like to think of as, ‘Drinking With A Cause,’” said Chad Zeitner, Co-Owner of Montucky Cold Snacks in a news release. “Enjoy our light, crisp, refreshing beer, while celebrating the Pride month with us this year!”

Montucky Cold Snacks ‎River Pig PRIDE Party

On Thursday, June 16, Montucky Cold Snacks will help kickoff Portland’s PRIDE Weekend at River Pig Saloon in the Pearl District with live music by Martha Davis & The Motels! Special edition Montucky Cold Snack PRIDE cans will be served and associated PRIDE themed freebies will be given out throughout the night! Plus $1 from every MCS sold goes to Porland’s Q Center (first 500 beers).

Though the beer is brewed in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Montucky Cold Snacks have developed a cult like following here in the Pacific Northwest. The special edition can is currently distributed throughout its Northwest markets including Washington, Oregon and Montana.

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